Boost Magnetic Carb Cap Loading Tool

Boost Magnetic Carb Cap & Loading Tool

$ 15.93 $ 21.25

The Dr. Dabber Boost Magnetic Carb Cap and Loading Tool combo is specifically designed for the Dr. Dabber Boost and Boost: Black Edition eRigs. Constructed of solid copper, the Carb Cap and Loading Tool is emblazoned with a signature, laser etched Dr. Dabber 'D' and features a beautiful, gunmetal finish which complements the Boost's dark aesthetic perfectly.

The Loading Tool

The Loading Tool is 2.75" long and features an ergonomic, hexagonal shape. The tip of the tool is a 'flathead' design with a thin edge to make loading any type of oil or concentrate simple and straightforward. The Loading Tool is detachable from the Carb Cap so you can remove your tool and prepare your dab without the added weight of the cap on the end. Once the Loading Tool is re-attached, it can be used as a handle for the Carb Cap.

The tip of The Loading Tool can be attached either vertically or horizontally to the strong magnet on the Carb Cap, depending on preference, and can easily be used even if it becomes sticky. It can easily be cleaned by wiping with isopropyl alcohol.

The Carb Cap

The Carb Cap is of solid, heavy construction and fits perfectly into the Boost's Glass Attachment. Featuring a unique hexagonal bevel to assist airflow, the Carb Cap features a pinhole carburetor hole in middle which is specially calibrated to mix just the right amount of airflow with vapor to create dense, satisfying clouds. The carburetor hole can also be manipulated with a finger to restrict airflow according to the user's preference.  

The magnet on the Carb Cap is strong enough to be removed with the assistance of the Loading Tool even when the Boost Glass Attachment becomes sticky, so the Carb Cap will never get stuck inside the glass, even with such a snug fit. Just like the Loading Tool, the Carb Cap is very easy to clean by immersing in isopropyl alcohol for 1-2 minutes then removing and wiping clean.


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