SWITCH: Clear Swirl Carb Cap
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SWITCH: Clear Swirl Carb Cap

Introducing our newest carb cap yet, we present to you the Clear Swirl Carb Cap. Stripes of black, red, and mustard yellow cascade down and around this carb cap, making this it one of our more unique SWITCH accessories.

Also featuring a brand new shape, the Clear Swirl Carb Cap allows for the tip of the cap to reach further into the SWITCH's glass top, allowing for more direct contact with the induction cup. This carb cap also features a wider cavity, perfect for creating a greater circulation of airflow.

Utilizing a horizontally blown hole at the tip, a cyclone effect is created as you inhale through the SWITCH. This is ideal for flower as it does not funnel oxygen directly into the SWITCH's no-oxygen heating environment. This unique placement also provides a cooler, more flavorful experience with oils.

Hand-blown in the USA by our artisan blower, Vajra, the Clear Swirl Carb Cap is the perfect accessory for the SWITCH user looking for more resistance and dense vapor.

All Clear Swirl Carb Caps are hand-blown and may vary in size and color. 

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