SWITCH: Narwhal Carb Cap
SWITCH: Narwhal Carb Cap
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SWITCH: Narwhal Carb Cap

The latest entry to our premium carb cap lineup is the limited edition Narwhal Carb Cap! Available in an array of color combinations, no two Narwhal Carb Caps are alike! Grab the Narwhal by the tail, and add this one of a kind carb cap to your SWITCH collection today.

Hand-blown in the USA by artisan blower, Tony Kazimakis , the Narwhal Carb Cap fits your SWITCH with a design as unique as the Arctic dwelling whale that inspired it. 

Carefully crafted to create higher resistance pulls, SWITCH users will enjoy dense vapor from flower or concentrate sessions alike. Simply insert the Narwhal’s tusk into the top of your SWITCH and cover the “blowhole” on the side to find the vapor density that suits your taste. For an added experience when using concentrates, manipulate the direction of your airflow by rotating the Narwhal Carb Cap to create a cyclone effect as you inhale through the SWITCH.

Due to the nature of the hand-blown artisan Narwhal Carb Cap, color/style will vary. Colors will be shipped at random; if you order more than one, we'll make sure you get different colors, but unfortunately, no special requests as this is a very limited item.

All Narwhal Carb Caps are hand-blown and may vary in size and color.

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