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Dive Into Angela Mazzanti’s Endless Creativity With Dr. Dabber

Dive Into Angela Mazzanti’s Endless Creativity With Dr. Dabber
This month's Influencer Feature highlights cannabis queen, Angela Mazzanti. A true jack of all trades, Angela boasts an impressive list of accomplishments including model, influencer, cannabis personality, musician (did you know she raps?!), and even an entrepreneur. This month, we picked Angela's brain on all things cannabis, the world of content creation, and more. Check out the exclusive interview on our blog.

Angela Mazzanti Dr. Dabber Boost EVOAngela plays it up with our Moon White Boost EVO smart rig.

Name: Angela Mazzanti
Instagram: @angela_mazzanti

From smart rigs to the best dab pens, you know Dr. Dabber is here to give you the most. That’s why we chose cannabis queen, Angela Mazzanti (@angela_mazzanti on Instagram) for this month’s Influencer Feature. Instantly recognizable, Angela is a headturner, covered in tattoos, rocking her signature bold winged eyeliner regularly, and not one to shy away from mixing up her hair color. You may recognize her from Instagram, posing as she hits a wax pen or the Boost Evo eRig. Most know her as a cannabis and tattoo model, as she’s been active in the cannabis community for nearly seven years.

Angela is truly a jack of all trades–boasting an impressive list of accomplishments including model, influencer, cannabis personality, musician (did you know she raps?!), and even an entrepreneur, launching her very own apparel brand recently!

This month, we picked Angela’s brain on all things cannabis, the world of content creation, and a few other topics. Check out the exclusive interview below.

How long have you been smoking weed?

I think the first time I tried weed I was 16 but I didn't start using frequently until I was about 18.

What’s your favorite strain?

That's a really hard one since a lot of them have different effects and benefits but I'd probably have to say Tangie if we’re going with a Sativa and trying to be creative or Purple Punch when winding down and trying to relax.

As a content creator, how has COVID-19 and quarantining influenced the content you make?

Honestly, if anything it picked up more than it ever has last year especially with so many brands relying on content creators to drive online sales. My roommate is one of my main photographers so we were still able to shoot content no problem. If anything for me a huge change that really helped was jumping onto Tik Tok and building a decent following there for tattoo related content.

Angela Mazzanti Dr. Dabber Boost EVOAngela steals the show with our Boost EVO electric rig in Eclipse Black.

What advice would you give to someone looking to become an influencer in the Cannabis space?

My biggest pieces of advice would be:

Create consistent quality content. It's easy to get forgotten online so the more you put yourself out there and create and network the better.

Fuck what anyone else thinks. Make content because YOU want to and make content YOU like. It's your platform so don't let anyone who doesn’t have your best interest stray you away from your dreams or tell you that you can't do it.

Hard work is key, most people probably think it's easy to be an influencer, and it is in some aspects. All around it’s a really fucking cool job, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t hard work involved, you have to be willing to work free sometimes and put in the hours and can’t be lazy with what you put out. End of the day remember you get out what you put in with anything you do in life.

Congrats on the launch of your new clothing brand, Nowhere Fast! What inspires your apparel designs?

Honestly, my inspo for a lot of it is just the type of stuff I like to wear normally. I've always enjoyed wearing things other people might find offensive or are attention grabbing. It's just been dope to see so many people support the brand and rock it consistently. My page is very male dominant when it comes to followers so with the brand being so female heavy the empowerment with everyone has been amazing.

Who is someone you look up to in this industry?

Honestly, can't say I look up to anyone. Don't get me wrong there's people who inspire me in some aspects but I've just never really been the type to look up to anyone.

We’re sure you get tons of questions about your tattoos. What’s your favorite piece? Most painful spot?

My favorite piece has to be my stomach tattoo. And most painful has to be my palms by far.

Angela Mazzanti Dr. Dabber Boost EVO

Angela Mazzanti Dr. Dabber Boost EVO

What do you think about marijuana legalization efforts and seeing this industry grow?

I think it’s really awesome to see the industry and legalization expanding so much. There's still so many changes to be made though and figuring out how to make things work best.

What’s something not many people know about you?

I think a lot of people don't know how involved I've been within the Cannabis industry from being a delivery driver, trimming, budtending, working booths at events, hosting events and even doing sales for companies in the Legal Cannabis Market. It's been crazy to see so many different sides of the industry exist and how it's ever changing.

Any new, exciting projects or plans we can expect to see from you in 2021?

Will definitely be doing more clothing drops with my brand Nowhere Fast and I'll be launching a new product line under a new brand I'm working on in the Tattoo space.

Angela clearly has a lot going on this year. From her work as a cannabis influencer to growing her clothing brand Nowhere Fast, we’re expecting to see this trailblazer’s unique take on today’s culture popping up everywhere. We’re thrilled we had the opportunity to sit down and share our love of portable dabbing with this cannabis superstar and chat about what’s next.

Check back in with us each month to get up close with unique influencers from across the industry, and don’t forget to bring your eRig!

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