Dr. Dabber Does Their Part In Recycling

by Dr. Dabber on February 03, 2020

Dr. Dabber Recycling

Now, more than ever, it seems people are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint. From the “Save the Turtles” movement sparking sales in reusable straws, to taking your own reusable shopping bags to the grocery store, people are gradually making strides to help the environment where they can. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, recycling rates have actually increased over time, from just over 6 percent of MSW generated in 1960 to about 10 percent in 1980, to 16 percent in 1990, to about 29 percent in 2000, and to over 34 percent in 2015. Here at Dr. Dabber, we want to do our part in saving the environment, too. From supporting the hemp industry with our new Premium CBD Distillate line of vape pens, to choosing recyclable packaging, we hope to make a difference, one CBD cartridge and battery at a time.

Let's talk about why separating the battery from the diffuser is better for the environment, too. Many single use vape sticks end up in landfills. This equates to a large amount of lithium batteries that end up polluting the earth, because they are not properly disposed of. When disposed of in an unlined landfill, a battery can leach its toxic constituents and contaminate groundwater, resulting in possible exposure to humans. Keeping the battery separate from the diffuser allows each battery to be used for a large number of cycles before having the ability to be properly recycled.

Paper Straws

Is The Packaging Recyclable?

Yes! We are both excited and proud to announce our premium paperboard packaging is recyclable. Check your local recycling or waste management center for specific guidelines and locations. 

Dr. Dabber CBD Packaging

Are Empty Distillate Cartridges Recyclable?

We appreciate all efforts trying to keep the planet a cleaner and safer place. Unfortunately, at this time, there is no official program to recycle empty cartridges. We are working diligently towards finding new ideas to make cartridge recycling a possibility.

Do I Need A New Battery With Every Distillate Cartridge?

No, the number one reason we separated the tank from the battery was to keep a large amount of single use batteries from disposables out of landfills. The Dr. Dabber Universal Battery has a 6 month warranty and will power through multiple replacement cartridges throughout its lifetime. If you ever need to recycle older 510 batteries, they are accepted at any certified electronics recyclers.

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