Dr. Dabber Launches All New Premium CBD Line This Fall

by Dr. Dabber on November 13, 2019

Dr. Dabber excitedly announces the release of their Premium CBD Distillate line, in four unique blends. The vaporizer company has been preparing their CBD Distillate line for almost two years and is thrilled to launch with a line that they believe is up to the high standards they have maintained since entering the vaporizer market. In the wake of the current vaporizer crises, Dr. Dabber has worked diligently to create a premium CBD Distillate line while providing full transparency to customers - a product you will not only love, but trust.

Dr. Dabber is proud to offer four distinctly unique blends of CBD distillate - Original, Citrus, Fresh, and Robust.​

The Original Blend, packaged in Dr. Dabber’s signature cyan blue features notes of citrus, candied fruit, and sour-seeded berries. Both satisfying and subtle, we believe this is what the perfect cartridge tastes like.

The next blend in Dr. Dabber’s CBD Distillate line is Citrus, an invigorating blend of orange blossoms and honeysuckle. Awaken your taste buds with a medley of citrus including grapefruit, lemons, and lime.

The Fresh blend provides a refreshing and bright expression of everything green. Notes of pine, mint, cucumbers, and fresh cut grass transport your senses straight into Summer.

The final blend in the line is Robust - a savory combination of bourbon, violets, and earthy notes. Robust has a highly complex and rich flavor profile; a full-bodied cartridge perfect for someone looking for a savory experience. 

The complex flavor profiles were developed to be subtle, yet instantly recognizable, creating a perfectly balanced distillate. With no two flavors alike, the Dr. Dabber CBD Distillate line has something for everyone. 

With all of the recent controversy surrounding vaporizers, Dr. Dabber felt the need to be fully transparent with the public about not only what goes into each individual blend of CBD distillate, but also how each batch is processed and tested. Dr. Dabber is proud to announce their CBD distillate uses only two simple ingredients: pure hemp oil and botanically derived terpenes. Furthermore, this line contains no fillers and no MCT oil. Using an innovative extraction method, Dr. Dabber has successfully blended these two ingredients, creating a stable CBD liquid solution. The award-winning vaporizer company went a step further and provided all testing results for retailers and consumers alike. Anyone with a smartphone can easily access batch-specific lab results with a quick scan of a QR code, conveniently located on all product packaging. 

“We have worked diligently towards creating a CBD line that has something for everyone while offering all our customers full transparency on what is in their product.” - Jamie Rosen, CEO 

Dr. Dabber has been a leading hardware manufacturer in the cannabis industry for over six years, winning countless awards for vaporizer pens and devices. They have taken this a step further and secured their own manufacturing facility, providing them full control over their quality. Dr. Dabber does not have to rely on third party manufacturers to ensure all the materials that their CBD Distillate cartridges are manufactured with are safe and reliable. Dr. Dabber only uses the highest quality materials to manufacture our vaporizer pens and cartridges.