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Dr.Dabber’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Dr.Dabber’s Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide

Cannabis consumers should be the easiest people to shop for. You could buy us a lighter and we’re usually pretty satisfied, but this year, why not think past the usual suspects and give a gift that’s sure to lift their holiday spirits!  

Dr.Dabber has everything you need to spread joy and cheer to those special stoners on your list.

THE GIFT for the… 



Ones That Want It All


Dr. Dabber Switch

The Dr.Dabber SWITCH is the perfect device for those who want complete control over their consumption experience. With the capability to vaporize concentrate AND flower, the SWITCH keeps you dialed in with signature induction heating and straight glass-to-vapor pathways.


Gifts for the…


Outdoor Enthusiasts

Festival Goers


The all-new XS nano e-rig delivers the power you’d expect from our larger devices, inside a rig that fits right in your pocket. The perfect travel companion for roadtrippers and jetsetters.

Dr. Dabber Boost Evo

The Boost EVO dab e-rig is a more comprehensive unit that replaces the need for a traditional quartz and torch setup with the unique quartz-to-glass vapor pathway.



Dr. Dabber Switch

Gifts for Those Looking for an Upgrade 

If you know someone already rocking a SWITCH or Boost Evo, we have an assortment of glass attachment upgrades for every type of user.

These attachments are must-have upgrades for those that prefer a more non-restricted and airy experience:


Switch Sidewinder

Sidewinder Glass Attachment

Dr. Dabber BTK

BTK Glass Attachment



Boost EVO: 

Evo Glass TDE Sidewinder

TDE Sidewinder

For those seeking a higher-resistance pull with intense percolation, these upgrades are easy choices:


Switch Hiveball Attachment

Hive Ball Attachment


Snowflake Recycler Attachment

Snowflake Recycler Attachment


Sidecar Percolator Attachment

Sidecar Percolator Attachment

Boost EVO:

Hive Ball Attachment

Hive Ball Attachment


Dr. Dabber Limited addition

Limited Edition Gifts for All Things Dab

For those that think they have everything they need. 

Limited Edition FW22 Capsule

Our Limited Edition FW22 Capsule embodies the culture and swagger of true dabbers.

Limited Edition Suga Sean SWITCH

For a truly knockout gift, square up with the Limited Edition Suga Sean SWITCH.

The ultimate e-rig and desktop vaporizer designed and built for an undefeated champ.


Gifts for the Traditional Dabber

Dr. Dabber TDE

Our TDE “Traditional Dab Experience” glass attachments turn the Boost EVO into a rig for OGs. They add the ability to hot load your concentrates and use a carb cap for directional airflow.

Switch Whip

The SWITCH Whip Attachment and Boost EVO TDE Whip Attachment lets you connect the e-rigs with most traditional glass dab rigs, turning them into portable e-nails.


Gifting on Budget

Dr. Dabber Light Pen

Our Light vaporizer pen is a perfect stocking stuffer or standalone gift for those that like it simple and sleek. Do a little dab or plug into most 510 thread cartridges.

Dr. Dabber Ghost

The Ghost is our original low-temp dab pen, built for the OG dabber.

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