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Dr. Dabber's Ultimate Black Friday Gift Guide

Dr. Dabber's Ultimate Black Friday Gift Guide
With our sitewide Black Friday Sale running, now is the best time to get your holiday shopping done early. Keep reading to find the best gifts for the dabbers in your life in our 2021 Black Friday Gift Guide.

It’s that time of year again! With our sitewide Black Friday Sale running, now is the best time to upgrade your Boost EVO with a new accessory or invest in the SWITCH. And if you or someone you love enjoys vaping CBD or THC products, why not give them some new gear to add to their collection?

Get your holiday shopping early with our Black Friday Gift Guide below. Here are nine gift ideas (all 25% off by the way) for every CBD and THC lover, from first-time dabbers to long-time enthusiasts.

Gifts for Beginners

Dr. Dabber Ghost Vape Pen

Ghost Vaporizer Kit

The Ghost Vaporizer Pen is our original vape that put Dr. Dabber on the map. The main difference between this one and many others is that it uses a titanium heating element. This element gradually brings oils and waxes up to temperature, so there’s no charring or burning; just a smooth, clean vapor that won’t make you cough or gag. You’ll also get the full benefit of any flavored dabbing products.

Along with the Ghost pen, the Ghost Vaporizer Kit also includes all of the extra gear you need. There’s a charger, a titanium replacement atomizer, and a small tool for loading oil waxes into the atomizer. There’s also a leak-proof silicone ball for storing your concentrate. This pen is also great for cartridge lovers. The Ghost’s award-winning battery is conveniently 510 threaded and compatible with any 510 THC or CBD cartridges. If you think the person you’re shopping for would want the extra bells and whistles, check out the Ghost Full RX Kit or Ghost Bundle–each packed with a few more of our best-selling accessories.

Dr. Dabber Light Vape Pen

Light Vaporizer Kit

The Light Vaporizer Kit is similar to the standard Ghost Vaporizer Kit but is a smaller version. If you want an ultra slim, compact pen you can carry anywhere, this is an ideal alternative. Aside from its size, this kit has all the same features as the Ghost. Most importantly, it includes the titanium heating element, so you get the same smooth, rich flavor.

Just like the Ghost kit, you’ll receive the replacement chamber, the dab tool, the charger, and the storage ball. Also like the Ghost, the Light vape pen is designed for use with cartridges and is available with more accessories in the Light Full RX Kit and Light Bundle. This is further proof that good things really do come in small packages!

Dr. Dabber Stella Vape Pen

Stella Vaporizer Kit

The Stella Vaporizer Kit features Dr. Dabber’s most advanced vaporizer pen, featuring some significant upgrades. To begin, you can choose from four different heat settings, ranging from 460 to 775 degrees (including a preheat setting). The Stella’s stainless steel body swirls the air into a vortex as you inhale, increasing the speed of flow and the strength of your hit. Possibly the most significant feature Stella has is its TCR heating element. This unique feature adjusts based on the desired temperature instead of outputting a constant voltage, providing a number of benefits including avoiding dry or burnt hits, preservation of the coil and wick life, extended battery life, and overall vape consistency.

This vaporizer pen comes with its own USB-C charger, for rapid charging time, as well as a loading tool for your concentrate. It’s also capable of pass-through charging. This means you can continue to dab even while you’re recharging. A dead battery is no obstacle!

Like our other two vape pen options, the Stella is available packaged with extra accessories in the Stella Full RX Kit.

With three different vape pens to choose from, you may need a little more direction on which one to get. You’re in luck–last year, we wrote a blog post for shoppers with this exact issue. Check it out here to find out which Dr. Dabber vape pen is right for you.

Gifts for Enthusiasts

Dr. Dabber SWITCH


The Dr. Dabber SWITCH is one of the most full-featured premium vaporizers on the market. It features an hourglass-shaped profile with its heating chamber located at the top, and a glass attachment that creates a cooling and vortex chamber. This dual-use vaporizer allows you to create truly enormous clouds with both flower or oil.

The front control button is attractive and backlit, with a row of five LEDs above it. These indicate both the battery level and heat setting, so you won’t be caught by surprise. Not that that should ever be an issue; the SWITCH’s battery is good for up to 150 sessions on a single charge. And when the battery does run out, it recharges in only 60 minutes with a proprietary charger. If you do find yourself with a dead battery, not to worry–like the Dr. Dabber Stella, the SWITCH is designed with pass-through charging.

The main attraction is the internal heating mechanism. It uses induction heating, which can bring oil, wax, or dry herb up to temperature in less than five seconds. This is exceptionally fast, but it’s also accurate; you don’t have to worry about the element getting too hot, or not getting up to temperature. If that’s not enough, the design also keeps the heating element separate from the electronics. You don’t have to worry about oil dripping down into your internals and burning.

If that’s not enough, the SWITCH can be set to 25 different temperatures. That way, you can handle a lot of different materials in the same heating chamber. You can also control your dabbing experience–crank up the heat for a bigger cloud, or turn it down to preserve your stash. The point is, you’re in control.

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO

Boost EVO

The Boost EVO is a more compact vaporizer that’s still almost as versatile. While it’s not suitable for dry herb, it’s perfect for any kind of oil, wax, or concentrate. The glass cooling chamber is built into the top of the housing, which gives it a significantly smaller profile than the SWITCH.

This vape has six temperature settings, ranging from 500 to 750 degrees. It’s a little bit slower to warm up than the SWITCH, but it’s just as accurate. This is thanks to a quartz heating system. As long as the correct voltage is applied, you’ll get the exact right temperature, every time.

The battery is strong enough for around 60 sessions on a charge. There’s also a battery-saving function; after 15 minutes of disuse, the Boost EVO will automatically shut off. It takes less than an hour to charge and supports pass-through charging via USB Type-C.

Still not sure which Dr. Dabber e-rig is the one for you? Check out our blog post here where we compare the similarities and differences between the SWITCH and the Boost EVO.

Budder Cutter

The Budder Cutter is a unique tool for getting your oil or wax into the vape chamber. Some concentrates, particularly waxes, can be thick and sticky enough that they’re hard to dispense properly. To more easily load this material, it helps if you heat it up a bit. But how do you soften or melt your concentrate without burning or vaporizing it?

That’s where the Budder Cutter comes in. It’s temperature-controlled to provide exactly the right amount of heat, so you won’t waste your concentrate during dispensing. The kit includes a total of seven tips, with different designs. The ball tip makes it easy to drip oils, while the blades are better for heavier waxes. They’re also good for portioning out tackier, more resinous concentrates. The tips are easy to swap out, and they also cool off quickly, so you don’t have to wait a long time between changes. Still on the fence? Check out our blog post here for why we think every dabber needs a Budder Cutter.

Stocking Stuffers

Dr. Dabber CBD

CBD Cartridge & Battery Combo

The CBD Cartridge & Battery Combo is everything you need to start vaping CBD oil on day one. Since it’s ready to go, it makes a great stocking stuffer. The kit includes an attractive vape pen, complete with an internal battery and a USB charger. It also includes a single cartridge of CBD vape oil–just pick your flavor.

This oil is available in four flavors. The Original Blend tastes like citrus and berries. The Citrus Blend nixes the berries for a more potent citrus flavor, along with notes of honeysuckle. The Robust Blend is more earthy and is flavored with bourbon to give it a richer flavor. The Fresh Blend is a summer blend, with evergreen, mint, and cucumber. Or, you can just buy the Multi-Pack, which has all four.

This is a broad-spectrum oil and includes other cannabinoids such as CBG, CBC, and CBN. It does not contain any THC. It also doesn’t include any additives like propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or MCT oil.

The nice thing about the combo kit is that it doesn’t lock you into one flavor. The pen has three heat settings, so you can freely use any of the four flavors with the same starter kit. The cartridges also have a 510 threading, which is the industry standard for disposable cartridge threads.

The battery is long-lasting, with enough power for 40 to 50 puffs. That’s sufficient to vape an entire cartridge, with power left over to spare. Shopping for someone who’s not really into CBD? That’s fine, check out our Universal Batteries available in four vibrant colors.

Dr. Dabber Iso-Snaps

Iso-Snaps Cleaning Swabs

Even the most efficient vapes get dirty. Over time, the oil or wax will leave a residue on your glass, your mouthpiece, and your heating element. Cleaning these parts requires cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol, which can get messy. Iso-Snaps Cleaning Swabs are the perfect solution to that problem.

These swabs are manufactured with hollow shafts, and alcohol is stored inside. When you’re ready to use one, just snap the shaft, and the alcohol will soak into the tips. There’s no spillage, no leakage, and no waste. The swabs come in a 24-pack, and make a great gift for a dabber who already loves the gear they own.

Dr. Dabber Carrying Case

The Dr. Dabber Carrying Case is specifically designed to fit all the standard Dr. Dabber accessories. If you’re giving one of our vape kits as a gift, this makes a perfect stocking stuffer.

The case itself has a tear and slash-resistant carbon fiber shell, with a reliable zipper closure. Inside, there are storage compartments for all your Dr. Dabber gear. On one side, there’s a mesh pouch for your charger, loader, and extra parts. Just above that, there’s an elastic strap that retains your silicone storage ball. The other side of the case is perfectly sized for any Dr. Dabber vaporizer pens, along with the optional globe and percolator attachments.

As you can see, there are plenty of great gifts to give your favorite dabber. Whether you’re spoiling them with the Boost EVO or throwing some Iso-Snaps in a stocking, you won’t be short on options. And with Dr. Dabber, you know you’re getting a gift that’s built to the highest standard as all of our vaporizers are backed by an industry-leading warranty and award-winning customer service. And remember! Now is the best time to do your holiday shopping, as we’re running our biggest sale of the year.

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