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Featured Artist: Tessa Lizz

Featured Artist: Tessa Lizz

The musical artist, model, lit unicorn and finger drummer Tessa Lizz first captured our attention after posting a remix to Suicide Squad's track Purple Lamborghini dressed as Harley Quinn. In a continuation of our Featured Artists series, Dr. Dabber sat down with artist Tessa Lizz to share her story and talent with you. 

From time-to-time, Dr. Dabber is exposed to unique artistic talent groups that inspire and motivate us through their creations. We decided to share our discoveries with you to shed light on their unique talents. 

We recommend starting with the Harley Quinn video and working your way to her custom track she produced for Dr. Dabber on SoundCloud shown below.  

When did you first discover your love for music?

I have always loved music growing up. I didn't start djing until about four years ago, and I am going on my 3rd year of fingerdrumming.

What's your favorite part of the creating?

My favorite part of creating is coming up with new concepts, & creating new techniques along the way.

So what are some of you favorite musicians?

I have many favorites a few include, excision, spag heddy,  must die, zomboy, knife party, zedd, porter robinson, skrillex, snails & much more.

If you could have lunch with any musician, who would it be?

Any of which I named would be dope.

Tell us a little bit about being up in front of a crowd and the energy?

Being in front of the crowd...there's no feeling that can compare. It's an overwhelming flood of feelings that come all at once. So much happiness and of course the feeling of accomplishment. It's amazing to play our own songs, have people know them and rock the fuck out to them. 

Favorite vacation spot?

I love Vietnam, the food is perfection. I also love Paris it's so beautiful. I love everywhere I go really. Each and Every place has had something unique to offer.

Tell us a little about the creative process when approaching a song?

Matt, my partner 1/2 of Arius, will finish producing a song. Then I chop up our samples, load them into my maschine. I then play around and freestyle a bunch of different ways to play the song. I Choose the best most fun, creative way, drill it till I get it down to the best of my ability then record! Boom, a finger drumming video is born, lol.

Have any tracks you’ve been digging lately?

Arrival on Earth By NDS is one of my favorite songs at the moment. Such a heavy song. Heavy is my shit. 

You have a favorite hobby other than music?

Music is life but aside from that,  I also absolutely love to snowboard. 

Your outfits are dope, tell us a little bit about your love of Fashion, Style, colors

Thanks so much. I feel a lot of my style is based on darker colors, and I have my wigs which are all crazy colors that make up for it! I like the color balance. And yes actually, I love wigs so much I have just started a wig line that launched December 2nd. It's called Lit Unicorns. I'm super excited about it. Making each girl a lit unicorn, one wig at a time. Lol 

What is the best thing you’ve ever spent money on?

My Finger-drumming maschine & drum set hands down.