How Covid Affected Cannabis Use

by Dr. Dabber on August 25, 2021

As COVID-19 quickly started to spread, countries all over the world began to experience lockdowns and people were forced to adapt to a quarantined lifestyle. With so much time stuck inside, new hobbies started to trend–TikTok emerged, people put their baking skills to the test trying to navigate making homemade sourdough bread, roller skates started to sell out everywhere online, and it seemed that wherever we looked, we couldn’t escape Joe Exotic and Carole Baskin. Some of these hobbies faded out, but others stood strong including an increase in cannabis use.

We decided to run our own survey to get to the bottom of this surge in cannabis use. We surveyed 1389 individuals across the United States, between the ages of 18 and 60 to get a better understanding of their cannabis use habits and whether or not these habits were impacted at all by quarantine and other covid-related circumstances.

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With quarantining comes stress, boredom, and an excessive amount of free time. People need cannabis now more than ever to cope with life, and specifically electric dab rigs like the SWITCH and Boost EVO, to safely medicate from the comfort of their own homes. Not convinced? Check out our blog post on why you should invest in a vaporizer during quarantine here. We found that 44% of survey respondents used cannabis earlier in the pandemic to relieve fear, anxiety, and stress and 23% of users said their overall consumption increased during the pandemic–can’t say we’re too surprised about this.

In the face of what’s considered “normal” smoking habits around consumption, we found a new trend in the decrease of the “Social Smoker”–individuals who often only smoke with friends, strangers, or their partner. During lockdown, nearly 50% of survey respondents reported using cannabis alone, while 38% still consumed cannabis with close friends or their partner. 40% of people said they will never share smoking devices after the pandemic–probably for the better.

Rising trends around the time of day people were choosing to smoke was also examined. Our study found that 65% of respondents preferred to smoke during the afternoon/evening hours between 4pm and 10pm, outweighing the 23% who consumed cannabis mid-day from 12pm-3pm.

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Different strain preferences of flowers, concentrates, edibles, and oils were also considered, with 40% of surveyed respondents choosing hybrid strains vs. sativa at 32%, and indica at 28%.

The last thing we examined was the motivation behind Americans’ cannabis use, whether individuals consumed cannabis for medical or recreational reasons. Over half (52%) of survey respondents stated they use cannabis for recreational purposes, while 42% chose to consume cannabis for medical reasons.

With an increased amount of time inside accompanied by an increase in free time, the surge of cannabis use didn’t take us by surprise. Did you notice any change in your own lifestyle? Did you pick up dabbing in quarantine? Did you buy a vape kit? Let us know on social media!