How Does Induction Heating Work in Vaporizers?

by Dr. Dabber on May 22, 2020

Vaporizing ground herbs and concentrates is a popular consumption method these days for consumers who want a less-impactful way to enjoy cannabis and CBD. There are many types of vaporization equipment and one of our more popular methods uses the induction heating technique. Read on to learn more about induction heating in vaporizers and how it compares to convection or conduction methods. 

induction vapor technology

How Induction Heating Works

In simple terms, induction heating is the cleanest, most efficient, and cost-effective, method of heating. It’s also accurate, quick, and can be easily repeated (perfect for vaporizing). Although there are only a couple of induction vaporizers around, this uncommon method can expect to become more popular over the next few years.

To get more technical, induction heating occurs when an alternating current flowing through a coil generates a magnetic field. Once you place a workpiece within this magnetic field, it induces eddy currents which then creates heat as a result of resistance of the material. Keep in mind that heat is only produced where eddy currents flow.

Induction Heating vs. Conduction and Convection Methods

So now that we understand how induction heating works (and why it’s a great method), it’s time to see how it compares to conduction and convection heating methods, which are currently more common in the vaporizers market.

Have you ever taken a hit off of a vaporizers and been able to blow out large, thick clouds of smoke? If so, then you used a vaporizers that uses a conduction heating method. This method works by directly heating the element, either your herb or concentrate, and then transforming it into a smokable vapor. 

The downside to this method is that you often sacrifice taste in order to get a quick hit, leaving a less than enjoyable flavor in your mouth. The reason for this is because conduction heating often burns, or combusts, your product as it’s heating. In basic terms, you’re inhaling a product that’s getting burnt in the process of being heated, hence the poor tasting hit. 

Convection is the third type of vaporizers you’ll see on the market. Unlike conduction heating, convection allows you to be able to taste your product more as you’re vaping it. This is because instead of directly heating the element (and essentially burning it), the product of your choice is instead indirectly heated through hot air being produced in the chamber it sits in. This method allows you to get more bang for your buck with your product, as well as letting you enjoy the flavor of your product.

Induction Heating & Cannabis/CBD

Induction heating and vaporization is a great way to consume cannabis since the flower does not come in direct contact with a flame, like a traditional lighter, which can contain extra elements and carcinogens that will be inhaled. We think induction heating is the best option for vaping cannabis since it allows the device to heat to target temperature in an incredibly short amount of time, is accurate, and allows for an enjoyable flavor experience. 

Dr. Dabber Switch, Orange background

The Dr. Dabber SWITCH

In the case of the Dr. Dabber SWITCH, our induction heating takes place when our induction cups are placed in the center of the glass top, which contains the coils that will produce the currents, and heat up as a result of the currents from the coils interacting with our induction cup. 

All of the benefits of our induction heating provides a totally unique, precise, and practical vaporizing experience. We should also mention that the SWITCH has been designed to eliminate oxygen from the vaporization environment, which is what prevents combustion and oxidation of your product of choice. This means a smoother, more flavorful hit with less waste and higher efficiency.

Is an Induction Heating vaporizers Right for You?

If you’d like to learn more about induction heating methods, check out our guest blog post on Leafly, or browse our website for more education. To see our available vaporizers, including the SWITCH which uses induction heating technology, check them out here