UFC Superstar Nick Diaz Stops By The Dr. Dabber Dab Lab

by Dr. Dabber on March 10, 2017

UFC Superstar Nick Diaz stopped by the Dr. Dabber Dab Lab for a sesh.  

Since 2001, Diaz has been one of the most ferocious fighters in the UFC. He was fined $165,000 and suspended by the Nevada State Athletic Commission suspended Diaz for five years following his third positive test for cannabis, after his January 2015 fight with Anderson Silva in UFC 183. The suspension and fine were reduced to 18 months and $100,000.

He has now become one of the most prolific pro-cannabis athletes in the world. He remains focused to continue fighting in the sport. When Nick is not out promoting cannabis or training year round for triathlons, he gives back and passes on his vast knowledge of fighting. The  Nick Diaz Academy is Stockton's premier MMA facility under Gracie Fighter 209.

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UFC Superstar Nick Diaz

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