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Orfin: Graffiti and Vape

Orfin: Graffiti and Vape
From time-to-time, Dr. Dabber is exposed to unique artistic talent groups that inspire and motivate us through their creations. We decided to share our discoveries with you to shed light on their unique talents in a new section of called "Featured Artists."  

From time-to-time, Dr. Dabber is exposed to unique artistic talent groups that inspire and motivate us through their creations. We decided to share our discoveries with you to shed light on their unique talents in a new section of called "Featured Artists."

In this piece, we sat down with ORFIN, a Las Vegas artist we met during the Secret Walls competition that was sponsored by Dr. Dabber. The name ORFIN originated from the idea of creating a company he could use as a catalyst for other ideas and inventions. This company was to be called Original Finish Art. He abbreviated it into a single word for Instagram, and bam! Before he knew it, he was branding himself as the artist ORFIN.

Jeremiah Kaniaupio was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. Life was rough growing up for Jeremiah, he always had to find an outlet to channel his energy. He could never be home growing up, so he made sure to have close friends to lean on. To this day, he still refers to his friends as brothers and everyone has a trade that benefits the community directly.

If your interested in following ORFIN head to his instagram page by clicking here. Or if you see a piece you like feel free to browse his store here.

Q. How long have you been doing graffiti/art for?

A: I've been doing graffiti since I was in junior high school. I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada; graffiti was our culture out here next to skateboarding.

Q. What's your favorite part of the creating?

A: My favorite part is feeling the divine connection to the infinite thought process we each are blessed with and take for granted daily. I can feel the universe working through my hands when I enter the state of tranquil divinity that is only achievable through true inspiration.

Q. What are some of your favorite artists or influences?

A: Salvador Dali, Walt Disney and the drive of Picasso to create as many masterpieces as this world can handle.

Q. Do you have a favorite piece you’ve done?

A: I fall in love with each piece a little more than the last. Constantly feeling my style elevating, is what truly makes me feel accomplished.

Q. Tell us a little bit about your love for Geometry, we see this as a theme throughout some of your art?

A: Geometry is God's language to the intelligent mind. Everything in this realm is created with the X and Y axis. 2D, 3D and us, the 4D beings that are in constant free range and evolving with each moment in time. The dimensions hold more and more complexed versions of this grid the higher you climb. These codes, these formulas speak in leaps and bounds in my mind. Sometimes I don't even have to understand it completely, just by simply seeing the formula I can dissect each portion of the piece... This applies to all aspects of life, in every medium...

Q. Tell us a little about the creative process when approaching a piece?

A: Every piece is brainstormed, whether it be 1 min before the painting or 1 year. Anything without direction will surely lead to chaos... Sometimes I purposely reach for the chaos to pull the masterpiece from the depths. "Ordo ab chao."

Q. Have any tracks you’ve been digging lately that get you in the zone?

A: Denzel Curry- Ultimate. The Underachievers- Sonorous. Joey B4DA$$- Devastated. Pouya- Energy. $uicideboy$- Cold Turkey.

Q. If you could sit down and have a conversation with one person, dead or alive, who would it be?

A: George Washington- I'd ask him how we can restore this poisoned nation.

Q. You have a favorite hobby other than art?

A: I used to professionally kick box before art. Muay Thai and other contact fighting arts were practiced for a little more than a decade. Las Vegas is 'fight capital,' of the USA. It only makes sense to box or fight professionally here, all of the best talent exists in this town...

Q. Do you like using some of your Dr. Dabber products before doing some art?

A. I'm literally using the Dr. Dabber Boost while filling this out. Yes, all the time.

Q. What’s your thoughts on the universe?

A. It is an infinite void with universal possibilities. Might even loop right back around. I could be in your head typing this, or you could actually be dreaming & reading this on a simulator. We would be fools to think any of these possibilities were incorrect. The truth is, we don't truly know what the universe is or how large; we can only have faith.

Q. Symbols?

A. As above, so below. As the sun rises, so shall I everyday. 1 supreme creator above all, as a catalyst or a conduit; he shall use my hands to build his works.

Click the following links to order Jeremiah's art or to see some more of his pieces:

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