Product Spotlight: Dr. Dabber Honey Beaker

October 17, 2017 0 Comments

For those of you who’ve been hitting us up about the latest Dr. Dabber Honey Beaker drop, we thank you -- and the time is near friends -- so be sure to follow us on Instagram or Facebook to find out the minute they (ever so delicately) hit the shelves.

And for those of you not yet familiar with the latest release in our Glassworks line, check out the short video below to get an idea of the art, craftsmanship and versatility in our hand-blown Honey Beaker glass and water percolation system.  


Each of our limited edition, hand-blown in the USA rigs includes a bowl for flower and quartz banger for concentrates. So whatever the day calls for, you’ll have the situation well in hand. And, of course, we’d be lying if we didn’t say how incredibly ergonomic and sturdy the Honey Beaker feels in your hand.

With its smooth, clean rips, technical wizardry and super-dope, one-of-a-kind aesthetic details -- it’s no wonder our first run left the hive in a mighty, limited-edition swarm. Check out what some of our verified buyers have had to say about the Honey Beaker percolator, right here.

honey beaker