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Stuff Your Stockings

Stuff Your Stockings


Just because these next gifts on our guide fit inside a stocking, doesn’t mean they can’t hold their own as the main present!

Switch Carb Cap

 Carb Caps (SWITCH)

 Control your airflow and customize your dabbing experience.

Evo Carb Cap

Carb Caps (Boost EVO)

Keep it OG with TDE “Traditional Dabbing Experience” Carb Caps for the Boost EVO.

Budder Cutter

Budder Cutter

A versatile multi-use cutting and loading tool for the dab connoisseur.

ISO Snaps


For the clean freak—an all-in-one solution for cleaning your vaporizer, nails, and glass.

Light Pen

Light Pen

A compact vape pen with the atomizer built directly into the mouthpiece to fully melt any concentrates.

Universal Battery

Universal Batteries

Give your 510 threaded cartridges the Dr.Dabber upgrade.

Silicone Packs

Silicone Packs (SWITCH)

Customize your gear with a variety of Carb Cap seals, Induction Cup Tweezer Tips, and Glass Attachment Seals.

Silicone Base

Silicone Base

Stay organized when you dab.

Storage Ball 

Shatterproof Storage Ball

Keep your concentrates secure and fresh with this platinum-cured silicone storage ball.

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