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6 Different Types of Concentrates

6 Different Types of Concentrates
In a world full of concentrates, there are so many options to choose from. Trying to decide between shatter, rosin, and tons of other options can be a little intimidating, especially for first-time dabbers, so we broke a few of our favorites down in our latest blog.

Looking to get into dabbing but feel intimidated by it? While this is completely normal and common amongst first-time dabbers, you shouldn’t feel intimidated. Although concentrates are higher in THC than flower bud, if you start off with a small, conservative amount, you should be able to have an enjoyable experience. To help you feel more comfortable, check out the different types of concentrates you might encounter while dabbing.


Named appropriately, shatter has a glass-like look that has been “shattered” and resembles glass when it’s at room temperature or cold. Once it is heated up, it transforms into a thicker, honey-like consistency. When dropped or tapped, it “shatters”.

Pull and Snap

Pull and Snap looks similar to shatter, but the consistency of it is much thicker, comparable to that of taffy. This particular concentrate can be very difficult to handle, since it is messy when heated up and difficult to manipulate when cold. When it comes time to dab Pull and Snap, as the name suggests, all you have to do is pull it out and then pull it back with a quick rigid snap.


Super sticky, rosin takes on a more clear color and a sap-like texture. When made correctly, rosin will maintain the flavor, aroma, and terpenes of the original cannabis flower it was made from. You’ll often see it referred to as a solventless shatter. Rosin is made when the cannabis flower is exposed to high heats and pressure, resulting in the extraction of resin and THC.

Live Resin

Live resin gets its name from the fact that the finished product smells just like the “living product.” The method used to create live resin makes sure to keep as many terpenes as possible, which means it is extracted from cannabis plants that haven’t been dried or cured. As a result, this method makes flavorful concentrates. Live resin can be found in different consistencies, such as budder/badder, sap, sugar and more.


Hash, or Hashish, is known for being the OG concentrate. It’s created by compressing terpene glands together at a high temperature over and over until you get a concentrate. Hash will often be brownish to khaki in color and can be smoked or dabbed.


Crystalline is a concentrate created by thoroughly refining cannabis oil, making it the purest form of concentrate available. Although it is the purest, this doesn’t mean it's the best, considering it loses terpenes in the process, leaving it flavorless. With that said, it is very potent but won’t give you quite that high feeling you’re looking for due to a lack of terpenes. This is a concentrate that can be dabbed, ingested orally or added to recipes.

Due to the wide array of consistencies found among concentrates, we recommend a few staple products from our line that we believe every dabber should own. Here’s why.

Budder Cutter

Dr. Dabber Budder Cutter

Our Budder Cutter is a heated, multi-use dabbing tool that is specifically designed to deal with sticky, hard to manage oils or waxes. It comes with 7 interchangeable heating tips that will ease separating virtually any concentrate you need. The Budder Cutter was also designed with calibrated heating so you can heat oils and waxes, without burning or vaporizing them. Designed with a battery based off our award-winning vape pen, the Ghost, the Budder Cutter boasts exceptional battery life. Fun fact - the Budder Cutter is great for cleaning out built up residue in your vape pen. The battery is also compatible with any 510-threaded cartridge.

Shatterproof Storage Ball

Dr. Dabber Shatterproof Storage Ball

We also recommend our Shatterproof Storage Ball, but any portable concentrate container will do. The Shatterproof Storage Ball is a platinum cured silicone ball perfect for storing your concentrate discretely and conveniently. The compact size of the Shatterproof Storage Ball is ideal for transportation, fitting virtually any pocket or purse.


Dr. Dabber Iso-Snaps

Concentrate can be sticky and hard to get off surfaces which is why we recommend our Iso-Snaps for easy and convenient cleanup. These isopropyl alcohol-filled q tips are perfect for cleaning wax off virtually any surface. With a snap of the top cotton swab, isopropyl alcohol is released from the shaft down into the bottom cotton swab head. No need to use heat to clean after every use when you have iso-snaps. Iso-snaps also come in a convenient travel-sized pack, perfect for when you’re on-the-go.


Dr. Dabber Honeymat

Because concentrate is sticky and messy, we don’t want it ruining our furniture, but that’s where a honeymat saves the day. Made of platinum grade silicone, Dr. Dabber Honeymats are the perfect platform for you to organize and display your waxes and oils. They are also a convenient and safe station for your favorite glass piece or rig. Whether you’re loading your favorite rig, or a vaporizer pen, we offer the Honeymat in both a small and large size.

Although it isn’t an exhaustive list, these are the concentrates you’ll most likely encounter when you’re on your next dispensary run. Do you have a particular concentrate that’s your favorite? Let us know on social media!

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