Things Are Heating Up with the SWITCH: Red Edition

by Dr. Dabber on October 03, 2020

A few months ago we celebrated the SWITCH’s 2nd birthday (can you believe it’s already been two years?!). Since launching June of 2018, we’ve embraced the overwhelmingly positive response from dabbers all over the world. So much so that in the last two years, the SWITCH has earned an array of awards including several High Times Cannabis Cups and Editor’s Choice from major electronic outlets like Digital Trends and Geekspin. Earlier this year, we dropped the first version in our Limited Edition line - the SWITCH: Clear Edition. Months later, the SWITCH: White Edition released. After quickly selling out of both editions, and receiving tons of messages from you guys asking about future limited runs, we knew the third release had to be something big.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH: Red Edition

The SWITCH: Red Edition is the latest in our limited edition Monochrome line. Unlike anything we’ve ever offered before, the Red Edition boasts a vibrant, fire engine red body that makes you say “holy sh*t” when you see it. Seriously though, this might just be our favorite variation yet. Complemented by anodized red knurling, limited edition red accessories, and accompanied by a new and improved carb cap and dab tool combo, the SWITCH: Red Edition is a bright, bold statement piece you’ll want to keep on your coffee table.

New Design, Same Great Technology

The reason why the SWITCH is such a powerhouse device is because of its impressive and extensive list of features and capabilities. Using induction heating technology (no torch, just magnets), the SWITCH vaporizes both oil and flower in a matter of seconds. With the flick of a switch (pun intended), you can transform your SWITCH from a full-fledged oil rig into an electric flower vaporizer. Allowing for 25 carefully calibrated heat settings means ultimate customization. Self-cleaning mode means quick, easy, and efficient clean up. Providing up to 150 uses on a single charge, with the option of pass-through charging means non-stop reliability. The list goes on and on but all you really need to know is we’ve packed all of your favorite SWITCH technology into a new vibrant, fiery red body.

What Can You Expect with the Red Edition?

This particular release is limited to a very small number of units which makes each Red Edition special. Also included with the Red Edition is our new and improved carb cap and anodized dab tool combo, not available with any other SWITCH currently on the market. Limited edition red foiled packaging also functions as a carrying case, protecting the SWITCH: Red Edition vaporizer even when you’re on-the-go (we know you’re gonna want to show this thing off to your friends). Like the standard SWITCH, the Red Edition is backed by an industry-leading two year warranty.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH: Red Edition

New Accessories

After speaking with tons of customers, we’ve taken your feedback into consideration and have worked closely with our engineers to develop a new standard directional carb cap for the SWITCH: Red Edition. The previous standard carb cap doubled as a loading tool, so we have now included a limited edition red dab tool, perfect for loading your favorite concentrates into your favorite rig.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH: Red Edition

Cash in on a piece of Dr. Dabber history and pre-order your SWITCH: Red Edition today! What limited edition colorway do you want to see next? Let us know on social media @drdabber.