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Thousands Flocked to Northern California for the 15th Annual Emerald Cup

Thousands Flocked to Northern California for the 15th Annual Emerald Cup

On December 15-16, 2018, the 15th Annual Emerald Cup returned to the Sonoma County Fairgrounds in Santa Rosa, California. Despite the rainy weather, many people from all walks of life made their way to Northern California to experience the ultimate cannabis competition. This year’s Emerald Cup is celebrated as their first post-recreational legalization event after voters in California approved Proposition 64 on November 8, 2016. The Dr. Dabber crew flew from Vegas to participate in The Emerald Cup. We always look forward to interacting with our awesome fans. Here are some highlights from our action-packed weekend.

The Emerald Cup is an opportunity for thousands of fans, including both beginners and advanced users, to come together and immerse themselves in the cannabis culture with food, glass art, entertainment, and music.

The competition spotlights award-winning sustainable organic and outdoor plant products including dried flower, essential oils, and infused edibles. Attendees consume products from world-renowned cultivators at The Emerald Cup.

The Emerald Cup highlights the progression of the cannabis industry. Attendees are able to learn more about our ever-growing industry with the latest product showcases from major brands. This year’s Cup featured discussion panels and workshops to educate fans about the latest trends and advancements in cultivation techniques.

Meanwhile, many fans gathered to check us out at the Dr. Dabber booth. The attendees were excited to learn more about our products. Many people had the chance to try out our newest product, the SWITCH.

Comedy Central’s stand-up comedian and Youtube sensation, Doug Benson, also stopped by our booth to check out the SWITCH.

The Emerald Cup provides fans with a wide array of entertainment and performers. At this year’s Cup, STS9 headlined the event and music legend, Willie Nelson, received an honorary lifetime achievement award for his cannabis activism. The Emerald Cup fosters a safe and fun environment for attendees by providing fans with all things cannabis. We look forward to next year’s Emerald Cup, see you at the next event!

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