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What is a Dab Kit? Everything You Need to Get Started

What is a Dab Kit? Everything You Need to Get Started
Dabbing has become one of the most popular forms of THC consumption in recent years. It’s a great way to get everything out of THC that you want. Whether it's flavor packed, low temp dabs or powerful, high temp you're looking for, dabbing is sure to give you the feeling you’re chasing in the quickest way possible.

Dabbing has become one of the most popular forms of THC consumption in recent years. It’s a great way to get everything out of THC that you want. You can have great, low-temperature seshes that are packed with flavor. High temperature, powerful dabs give you the feeling you’re chasing in the quickest way possible. If you’re a THC enthusiast, then you need to be in the know when it comes to dabbing.

If you’re looking to get started, you’ll likely find plenty of dab kits offered online. There are going to be advertisements for basic dab kits and more advanced kits that have very specialized uses. You might find yourself becoming overwhelmed. Don’t worry. We’re going to cover all of the basics about dab kits.

What’s in a Basic Dab Kit?

Most basic dab kits come with standard pieces. They’ll normally include the following pieces for your kit:

  • The traditional dabbing rig
  • The nail
  • The torch or an e-nail controller
  • A dabbing tool
  • A way to hold your product

We’re going to go over each one of these individually to explain to you exactly what you’ll get.

The Traditional Dabbing Rig

This is going to be a rig that resembles your standard water bong, but smaller. Every rig is set up in a similar way. They have the base, or the chamber, where water is held. Keep in mind that dabbing rigs hold much less water than a standard water bong will.

On one side of the rig, you’ll have the downstem where the nail is placed. Sometimes, they’ll come with a dome, as well. This helps to prevent any THC vapor from escaping once it’s been placed on the nail. Then, on the top or on the opposite side of the downstem for the nail, you’ll have the mouthpiece. It’s used just like it would be on a water bong. You’ll place your mouth there to help create a closed system, and you’ll inhale once your product has been vaporized.

Traditional dabbing rigs are almost entirely made of glass. They come in all sorts of colors, but in a basic dabbing kit, you’re going to be offered a clear glass rig most of the time.

The Nail

The nail is the part of the kit that does all of the vaporizing. It’s superheated using a torch, or in some cases, an e-nail controller. Most basic dabbing kits come with a traditional nail, however. The nail is placed on the downstem on the dabbing rig after being superheated using the torch. Concentrates are placed on the nail when it’s at the right temperature, causing them to vaporize.

Because these see such heavy use and are frequently superheated and then cooled, they have to be made from resilient materials. Basic dabbing kits will come with a glass or quartz nail. If you’re buying a premium dab kit, however, you’ll likely receive a ceramic or titanium nail. These are normally more expensive but also last much longer with less risk of breaking if dropped.

The Torch or E-Nail Controller

To take dabs, you must use fire... Or at least a highly conductive surface that can be superheated. With a basic dab kit, you’ll likely be given the option between a torch or an e-nail controller. Both items do the same thing but in different ways. Torches use fire to superheat the nail so that concentrations can be vaporized on them. An e-nail controller does the same thing, but by using electricity.

In more recent years, e-nails and e-rigs have become more and more popular, simplifying the dabbing process altogether. We’d know, we created the first e-rig, after all (don’t worry, we’ll cover our e-rig kits, too). However, more basic kits are going to provide torches than they will e-nails. Expect to use fire to heat your nail unless you opt for an electronic kit specifically.

A Dabbing Tool

Most kits are considerate enough to provide a dabbing tool with them. These are very basic tools that make handling concentrated THC a bit easier. The standard for nearly all dab tools included in kits is the paddle and the pick. They’re double-sided tools made out of steel, and they look like something you’d see in a dentist’s office. The paddle is good for concentrates that are crumbly, while the pick is good for stickier concentrates. This simple tool will make light work of handling nearly all popular concentrates available on the market. Rest assured, our Stella Vaporizer Kit and both SWITCH and Boost EVO electric dab rigs come with their very own loading tool.

A Concentrate Container

Concentrates used while dabbing can be a mess, frankly. They’re sticky or oily, and they require a lot of care while handling. As such, many basic dab kits will provide a small container to hold your concentrates in. These containers are normally made out of silicone because of their non-stick properties. This makes handling concentrates a breeze and prevents any sticky or oily substances from being spread around your preferred dabbing area. We also make sure to include concentrate containers with all of our vaporizer kits, but if you ever want to grab an extra, check out the Silicone Shatter Jar.

These are all of the basic items featured in a basic dab kit. They’re really all you’ll need to get started, except your THC concentrate of choice, of course. However, nowadays e-rigs solve so many of the problems a traditional banger and torch set up present.

Here at Dr. Dabber, we have put together several kits for our highly popular e-rigs, the SWITCH and the Boost EVO. Both rigs have specific kits built around them, and we ensure that no matter which kit you purchase, you’ll have everything you need to get started.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH

The SWITCH e-Rig Dabbing Kit

We offer the SWITCH as a standard kit. When you purchase this revolutionary e-rig, you’ll receive the following components. Keep in mind, this is our base kit. We truly believe that if you’re buying a product from us that it should be ready for use immediately. We spared nothing in the basic kit for the SWITCH to make sure that you’re completely satisfied and ready to start dabbing straight out of the box, but if you feel like trying out some of our best-selling accessories, we also offer the SWITCH Bundle and Premium SWITCH Bundle at a discounted price (more on this later).

SWITCH Unit with Battery Pack, Charging Cable and Adapter

The SWITCH is a revolutionary e-rig that we designed from the ground up. As such, when you open your box, you’ll find the rig itself and all of the components that power it. What we love about the SWITCH is that it completely eliminates the need for a separate nail and torch. The SWITCH is an all-in-one e-rig that superheats your concentrates and flower within seconds.

The SWITCH was designed with all enthusiasts in mind, and as such, it can vaporize oils and flowers through the power of induction heating. It’s incredibly powerful, and it’s quick, too! This e-rig was designed with speed in mind, being able to heat to target temperatures within 4 seconds. What’s more, is that the unit is completely safe from mechanical failure. The electronic components are completely sealed off from the material being vaporized, so there’s no risk of spills onto precious components.

This e-rig comes with 25 preset temperatures that let you pick your favorite temperature for vaporizing your product. It’s ideal for low-temperature dabs, high-temperature dabs, and everything in between. Temperatures range from 300 to 780 degrees. Get full flavor dabs in the lower range, and increase the power of the hit with higher temperatures.

When battery life is concerned, the SWITCH is stellar. On a single charge, the SWITCH can complete 150 cycles without a problem. And if you’re running low on battery? Never fear. The SWITCH has pass-through charging, allowing you to use the device while it’s plugged in. It’s much more efficient than a traditional rig in every sense.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH

Glass Percolator Attachment

The glass percolator is the mouthpiece for the SWITCH, and it’s been designed with airflow in mind. This piece is easy to clean, regardless of what form of THC you’re using. We designed this for our users so that they could take large, unrestricted hits each time they use the SWITCH, but we also have several other glass attachments to choose from if you’re looking to upgrade.

White Ceramic Induction Cup (Oil)

This piece is placed in the SWITCH when vaporizing oil in your e-rig. It’s specifically designed for oil and allows for easy cleanup once you’re done dabbing. The ceramic finish is medical-grade material, so you know it’s high-quality.

Black Ceramic Induction Cup (Leaf) and Ceramic Leaf Filter Cap

When you’re using the SWITCH in Leaf Mode, you’ll want to use the black ceramic cup with the filter cap. This accessory acts as a cap, allowing you to vaporize your product while preventing any loose leaf material from being “blown” out of the induction cup. The Ceramic Filter also creates an “oven” effect when used with flower. Switching cups couldn’t be easier, so sessions can start strong and end smoothly, switching from oil to leaf.

Marble Carb Cap

This is the standard carb cap included with the SWITCH. Other dabbing kits don’t include accessories like this, but we feel that using a carb cap is important. They let you regulate airflow the way that you want to, providing the best user experience available. If you’re looking to get the most out of your dabs, we recommend them. That’s exactly why we’re sure to include them, too.

Reverse Action Tweezers

These tweezers are the best way to insert and remove your induction cups from the SWITCH. They’re made of high-quality material, and they’ll last you for the life of your product. Simply load your induction cup with your product of choice, grab your tweezers, and drop it in the SWITCH. It’s quick and easy to get things ready for your dabbing sessions.

Silicone Storage Container

Like we said before, sometimes concentrates are hard to work with due to their sticky and oily properties. That’s why we include a silicone storage container in every SWITCH kit. Keep your product in a container that’s easy to clean and non-stick. You’ll be happy you’ve got it when things get messy, believe us!

Other SWITCH Kits

In addition to the standard SWITCH kit, we also sell larger bundles packaged with the SWITCH. With the SWITCH Bundle, you’ll receive the following items:

  • The SWITCH Kit: Everything you see listed above comes with the SWITCH Bundle
  • The Ball Attachment: A great alternative to the standard glass attachment. This accessory is designed with airflow and function in mind, providing super smooth rips. No surprise, this accessory is a best-seller.
  • A Quartz Induction Cup: An entry-level upgrade if you’re looking to expand your SWITCH accessory collection. This induction cup provides great flavor at a super affordable price.
  • The Bubble Carb Cap: This carb cap is another great entry-level upgrade at an affordable price. Don’t let the low price fool you, this carb cap is a great option and another one of our best-sellers, allowing for optimal airflow experience and providing flexibility in vapor density and production.
  • A Large Honeymat: Keep your dabbing space clean with the Honeymat placed under your SWITCH and dabbing accessories.
  • A Package of Iso-Snaps: Clean up after every session with Iso-Snaps, because a clean rig makes for better dabs.

Beyond the SWITCH Bundle, we also offer the Premium SWITCH Bundle. If you’re looking for the most top notch dabbing experience, check out the Premium kit. All the items you’ll receive are listed below:

  • The SWITCH Kit: You’ll receive the standard SWITCH kit.
  • The Ball Attachment: The same glass attachment included in the SWITCH Bundle.
  • The Silicone Base: The SWITCH silicone base creates the perfect dab station, providing separate compartments for all your accessories.
  • The Sapphire Induction Cup: For a flavor-packed dabbing experience, get the Sapphire Induction Cup, the purest induction cup available.
  • A Neon Green Directional Carb Cap: A hand-blown carb cap that lets you control the airflow in your dabs exactly the way you want to.
  • A package of Iso-Snaps: Clean up after every session with Iso-Snaps, because a clean rig makes for better dabs.

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO

The Boost EVO e-Rig Dabbing Kit

If you’re looking for an e-rig for on-the-go use, the Boost EVO is exactly what you want. Here’s what you’ll get with the Boost EVO kit:

Boost EVO e-Rig, USB-C Charger, and Quick Connect Adapter

We built the Boost EVO for one reason; the perfect dab. It was built with proprietary technology that allows for precision temperature control. Other e-rigs on the market heat up using a timer. The Boost EVO has a patent-pending temperature control sensor built-in, letting it be completely dialed in for each session.

The Boost EVO comes with six temperature presets for all kinds of dabbing. The temperatures range from 500 to 750 degrees, and the rig has a heat-up time of 11 seconds. We calibrated these settings based on feedback from thousands of users in our community. This e-rig is built for dab enthusiasts using their information and guidance. It’s a one-of-a-kind community-based machine that we stand behind.

The Boost EVO’s battery allows for 60 cycles per full battery, and the temperature can be held for 20 to 40 seconds if needed, allowing for continuous dabbing. Additionally, it’s got USB-C pass-through charging. You’ll never have to stop with this rig, and to save battery life, the rig shuts off automatically after 15 minutes.

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO

Quartz Atomizer

This is where the magic happens. Our patent-pending technology is in the Boost EVO’s quartz atomizer, allowing for the most precise temperatures while dabbing. The body is made from stainless steel, making it durable and easy to clean. It’s also easy to load, being that the system uses our Snaptech magnetic loading system. There is no screwing into place–simply just “snap” it in as it connects tightly using magnets.

Replacement Glass Attachment

The Boost EVO comes ready to go with a Glass Attachment but we also offer replacements on our site if you need an extra or want to switch mouthpieces for cleaning sessions. When we build a kit, we make sure it comes with everything.

Loading Tool

We’ve included a loading tool for the Boost EVO, making loading your dabs even easier. No one wants sticky fingers when handling their e-rig, and the loading tool helps to prevent that.

If you’re looking for a more expansive Boost EVO kit, never fear. We have another bundle that includes all the accessories you could want for your Boost EVO:

  • Boost EVO Kit: Everything you see listed above comes in the Boost EVO bundle.
  • Boost EVO Silicone Mat: This mat was created specifically for the Boost EVO, making for quick cleanup after your sessions and easy organization for your accessories.
  • An Extra Boost EVO Quartz Atomizer: Two is better than one, and with an extra atomizer, you can dedicate them to different concentrates.
  • A package of Iso-Snaps: Clean up after every session with Iso-Snaps because a clean rig makes for better dabs.

While there are plenty of basic dabbing kits available on the market, none compare to the options we offer for our e-rigs. We firmly believe that our e-rigs should come with everything needed to start dabbing. Our kits and bundles come with premium products. We are dedicated to making sure that dabbing is the best experience you can have with THC, and we believe that our kits provide that. Get your own e-rig kit from us today.

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