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Which eRig is Right for Me?

Which eRig is Right for Me?

Some people (meaning me, I do) consider dabbing an artform, and like any artform, it can be intimidating to even think about changing things up. Maybe you’ve been mulling over the decision to upgrade your dab rig or glass bong, or you want to reduce all the butane refills for your torch and vape something less… gaseous. 

Whatever it is, we want to help you feel confident about your choice and understand each device a little more. We won’t get too technical here because each unit has their own unique features, but we will break down how each eRig can fit into any lifestyle.


Dr. Dabber Switch


The Dr.Dabber® SWITCH™ is your ultimate at-home eRig.

Whether your vibin’ flower or concentrates, the SWITCH can handle it all with the flip of a… well, a switch. The unit itself is the biggest in the family, but it takes what some users have separate glassware for and combines it into one sleek, durable device that boasts an elegant finish you won’t be hesitant to have on display.

The SWITCH features more customizable options than our other eRigs, like hold times, temperature settings, and LED “Light Show” variations. It also uses induction heating, meaning there is no atomizer that needs to be replaced over time. 

If you want to upgrade your experience with an eRig you can count on for the long run, a well maintained SWITCH can last indefinitely.

Check out our Knowledge Base for a more in-depth look at the SWITCH.

[Link to Knowledge Base]


Dr. Dabber Evo

The Dr.Dabber® Boost EVO™ is your everyday concentrate-specific eRig.

The Boost EVO uses quartz inserts in specially designed “eChambers” to provide a straight quartz-to-glass vapor pathway. It also utilizes a built-in temperature control sensor to ensure you get the perfect dab every time. 

Its midsize and durable build make it a dabber’s desktop staple or an easy travel companion that can boost the mood wherever you go.

Check out our Knowledge Base for a more in-depth look at the Boost EVO.

[Link to Knowledge Base]


Dr. Dabber XS

The Dr.Dabber® XS™ is the first nano eRig.

The XS is our smallest and most portable eRig to date. It uses the latest in our heating technology combined with the power you’d expect from the aforementioned eRigs, all within a device small enough to fit in your pocket.

Similar to the Boost EVO, the XS uses “eChambers” that usually need to be replaced every 4-12 months, but for an eRig that can perform anywhere you want with zero compromise, the XS is the perfect choice.

Check out our Knowledge Base for a more in-depth look at the XS.

[Link to Knowledge Base]


  • Looking for an eRig to replace your old chazzed and stained-up dab glass? 
    • Take your pick.
  • Afraid you’ll want to vape some flower too, not just dab on concentrates? 
    • The SWITCH can do all that and some. 
  • Summertime pool party or hitting the winter slopes to snowboard with your crew? 
    • The Boost EVO is ready to go too. 
  • Always on the move?
    • The XS can keep up. 

I think we all knew it was going to boil down to this, but the easiest answer to the titular question is dependent on personal preference and how one intends to use the device. The unique thing about the options at hand is that no matter what your situation is, Dr.Dabber® has a cure.

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