Which Form of Cannabis Are You?

by Dr. Dabber on August 26, 2020

Have you ever wondered which cannabis product matches your personality? You can tell a lot about a person by the way they prefer to consume their cannabis, which is why we decided to break down the different traits of each form cannabis comes in and how they match your personality. Take a look below and see which one fits you best! 



Dr. Dabber SWITCH

If your go-to method of consumption is by smoking flower then you probably would consider yourself reliable and loyal, just like cannabis flower. Just like the OG way to consume, you’re always there whenever someone needs you, and you can always be trusted - people know what to expect when it comes to you. You’re the friend everyone feels comfortable around, and often find yourself the big brother or sister of the group. 



Dr. Dabber SWITCH

You’re fun, care-free, and sometimes take people by surprise. You’re always down to do something new and constantly looking for an adventure and people love to go out with you. Although you mean well, some people are intimidated by your outgoing and no-filter personality. Similarly, dabs can be fun but intimidating but always guarantee a good time. They’re the go-to choice for a fun time with friends, especially with a fun party piece.


Vape Carts

Dr. Dabber CBD

Success-oriented, you’re adaptive to your surroundings and are highly-driven. You’re a go-getter and successful in everything you do, but because of this you’re always on the go and forget to find time for yourself. Just like you, vaporizer cartridges are versatile and always ready-to-go. Their versatility allows them to provide you a quick, easy, and effective consumption experience, similar to how you like things to be when it comes to getting things done. 



Dr. Dabber

If you find yourself enjoying edibles more than other methods, then you’re probably caring, generous, and always want the best for others. Your giving personality is your best trait, and you’ll go to great lengths for those you love. Comparably, edibles can be quite generous and a little bit can go a long way, but always have the best intentions. 



Dr. Dabber

Easygoing and optimistic are two words you’d use to describe yourself. You’re devoted to finding internal and external peace for yourself and others and work to establish peace and harmony everywhere you go. Topicals act in a similar way, providing peace and relaxation for all who enjoy them. If topicals are more your pace for consuming, then it’s safe to say you’re comfortable being unique and standing out from the crowd. 

Did you find one that matches your personality best? Let us know if we got it right by sharing with us on social media!