Aurora Support

Five Click Safety Feature
Click the button five times to turn off the battery & five times again to turn on the battery. This safety cutoff is employed so as to avoid the vaporizer pen turning on when not in use.
Three Click Variable Heat
Once the unit is on, click the button 3 times to change the heat setting.
Green indicates low heat
Blue indicates medium heat
Pink indicates high heat
How To Load Your Dr. Dabber Aurora
1. Pull mouthpiece upwards to separate the airflow regulator from the heating chamber of your Aurora pen.
2. Prepare your product and load directly onto the heating chamber (atomizer). Ensure direct contact is avoided between loading tool and heating element.
3. Once your product is properly loaded, reconnect airflow regulator to heating chamber. Ensure chamber is not overloaded as this can cause the product to fail and will not be covered under warranty.
4. Press the button on the battery 5 times quickly to turn the unit on. Then press and hold the button while inhaling to administer vapor.
Load your concentrates directly on the atomizers. We also ask that you be aware of how much product you are putting in the unit. Please, be advised that only about a pea sized amount should be used in the atomizer, make sure that your oil/wax does not go above the air holes inside the atomizer above the coils. Overloading will restrict airflow and, in turn, produce less vapor. Your atomizers will begin to “season” overtime, allowing them to produce more vapor with less concentrates. Make sure to be careful when connecting to your charger. Try not to use force, as this may depress the connection pin on the battery. Also, remember to keep your pen clean. Use a cotton swab and 91% or higher alcohol to clean your unit and atomizers.
Charging Your Dr. Dabber Aurora
Connects to universal USB outlets. Connects to top of battery to charge. Charge device fully before use. Light will turn green when complete
Choosing your Atomizer
Not all oils & waxes are the same, so three unique atomizers are included to expand your range
Dual Quartz Rod with Quartz Dish: Good for tasting your product and produces a "clean" flavor. This atomizer can be used with most types of concentrates, if the product is not an extreme low viscosity.
Dual Ceramic Rod with Quartz Dish: Good for bigger clouds and you can "feel" the draws more in your throat. This atomizer can be used with most types of concentrates, if the product is not an extreme low viscosity.
Ceramic Halo Heater with Quart Dish: Good for being discreet as it produces very little clouds or vapor. This atomizer usually needs a higher heat setting. Suitable for waxier oils
Is there a warranty on my Aurora
We offer a 1 year warranty on all our products.
The warranty on the Aurora covers the battery and charger for one year.
Glass is not covered under warranty, nor are atomizers as they are a replaceable component. If you have any issues with your product, please do not hesitate to contact us as we are happy to assist you in finding a solution. If you have a warranty issue, just email us at and we will assess your case. If the component cannot be fixed, we will initiate the replacement/return process.
Click Here To Download Aurora Instruction Manual