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The Switch™ ALN (Aluminum Nitride) Induction Cup is the most premium induction cup available for the Switch®. This accessory is used in a variety of industries such as medical, defense, and even aerospace, due to its extensive list of impressive capabilities.

Aluminum Nitride provides some of the highest thermal conductivity for inserts. We're talking at least 120x more thermally conductive than quartz. This extremely high thermal conductivity results in a higher heat transfer rate, leading to overall reduced heating time and uniform temperature distribution–no "hot spots" in the induction cup.

The Switch™ ALN Induction Cup also provides a level of thermal expansion similar to Silicone, meaning this accessory can experience high temperatures without cracking or being damaged. Aluminum Nitride is also able to withstand extreme and rapid changes in temperature, is non-toxic, chemically safe, hard to oxidize, and provides the purest and most flavorful experience for Switch users.

Lastly, the Switch™ ALN Induction Cup is super easy to clean and very low maintenance. This accessory may be torched to clean if Isopropyl alcohol doesn't get the job done.

Please note, for optimal results, the Switch™ must be in Crystal Mode to use the Switch™ ALN Induction Cup.


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