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Oil vs. Flower in the SWITCH

Oil vs. Flower in the SWITCH
Whether you prefer oil or flower, the SWITCH offers unparalleled performance. One of the things SWITCH customers are most surprised about is how well the SWITCH handles flower, so we broke down the benefits of using each mode.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH

Whether you prefer oil or flower, the SWITCH offers unparalleled performance. One of the things SWITCH customers are most surprised about is how well the SWITCH handles flower, so we broke down the benefits of using each mode.

Flower in the SWITCH

Dr. Dabber SWITCH

Unique vapor chamber

The SWITCH’s unique vapor chamber is completely different to traditional methods of smoking or vaporizing flower, but provides immense versatility. Rather than a traditional bowl, this electric dab rig offers a variety of induction cups for ultimate customization.

Low heat settings produce invisible vapor with a “toasted” flavor

On a low setting, the SWITCH produces invisible vapor with a ‘toasted’ flavor, much like that produced by other traditional desktop flower vaporizers.

High heat settings produce dense vapor clouds and extremely unique effects

On a high setting, the SWITCH creates a completely unique, unparalleled ‘smoking’ experience without combusting your flower. You can expect dense vapor clouds equivalent to what you’d experience from a traditional water pipe.

Using the SWITCH at this high level also activates elements that are not activated at lower temperatures, or that are destroyed at combustion, meaning the effects are unlike those of a traditional vaporizer or water pipe.

Product (flower/dry herb) lasts longer

The amount of flower necessary to provide these effects is significantly less than would be used in other methods of consuming flower. Some users have reported up to a 50% decrease in amount consumed on a weekly basis while still using the SWITCH as often as they would another method.

Oil in the SWITCH

Dr. Dabber SWITCH

Incredibly versatile

The SWITCH caters to all types of consistencies of oil and temperature ranges. You can dial-in your temperature range for an experience that is fit for you! Though this electric dab rig may seem intimidating at first, the SWITCH’s versatility is an excellent option for dab rig beginners.

Head stash lasts longer

The SWITCH conserves your material allowing your head stash to last even longer. Smaller dabs pack a punch and deliver excellent vapor density and effects, especially on the lower temperatures. Low temperature dabs preserve the complete terpene profile providing a smooth, non-abrasive draw (300-400°). THC, CBD, CBN & all terpenes do not boil off at this temperature range, providing a wispy, yet incredibly flavorful hit and yielding an energetic, clear high. Low temperature can actually be super beneficial for dabbing. Check out our other blog, “Why Low Temperatures are So Important for Dabbing” for more info on this!

Medium temperature dabs highlight flavor profiles while producing intermediate vapor

On a medium heat setting (420-580°), you will find most terpenoids, flavonoids, and cannabinoids to be boiled off due to combustion. However, this temperature range still maintains a smooth, slightly abrasive draw while bearing a heavy head high with feelings of sedation.

High temperature dabs will provide the densest vapor production with instant combustion of your material

On the highest heat settings (600-780°), the SWITCH will put out the most abrasive and harshest draw, sacrificing all terpenoids, cannabinoids, and flavonoids. You will experience the greatest feelings of couch lock and extremely sedative effects. This temperature range is best suited for large amounts of mass and for those who are looking for the biggest clouds, while sacrificing flavor. For more information on the SWITCH’s heat settings, check out our blog, “What SWITCH Temperature Setting is Best For You?

The SWITCH is perfect for both flower and oil users, alike, but there's so much more to this e-rig than this single feature. Don't have your own SWITCH yet? Check out our other blog, "What Makes the SWITCH Different From Any Other Vaporizer?"

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