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What Is the Best Electric Dab Rig?

What Is the Best Electric Dab Rig?
In recent years, e-rigs have become the new norm for dabbers everywhere, but the real question is–which e-rig is for you? To answer that, we’ll have to understand how they work, and more importantly, what you’re looking for when you decide to purchase one. Keep reading if you want to know more.

If you’ve been acquainted with dabbing, then by all means you’re most likely familiar with electric dab rigs, as they’ve become more and more popular in the THC community as the technology behind them has become far more reliable.

These electric dab rigs, also known as e-rigs, are starting to pop up more and more frequently, and you may be considering purchasing one yourself. The real question is, what electric dab rig is best for you? Well, to answer that, we’ll have to understand how they work, and more importantly, what you’re looking for when you decide to purchase one.

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO

What is an E-Rig?

An e-rig, simply put, is the modern way for a user to dab. The old way of dabbing is starting to become phased out, and while users may like their analogue means of dabbing, the nail and the torch are no longer the best way to hit a dab, for a number of reasons.

Now, years later, e-rigs are beginning to flourish, with technology that makes the process simple and convenient. Gone are the analogue ways as the e-rig begins to become more and more reliable, and at a price that is reasonable for most enthusiasts or first time users.

How Does an E-Rig Work?

The traditional method of dabbing using a nail and a torch involves heating the quartz to an unknown temperature, allowing for tons of variables to enter into the process. While you could dial it in over time, and learn what method works best for you, and what ferocity to unleash your torch at, e-rigs have simplified that process.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH

An e-rig looks similar in shape and size to a traditional dab rig, but more sleek, and more modern. The base is typically where all the electronics are set, and the upper portion is where the magic happens. You’ve got your glass, some of which can be changed to custom pieces, as well as the bowl, which are still often made with quartz but can be made with other materials as well, such as ceramic. Rather than using a flame, electricity is used to vaporize the oil or flower in the rig.

Electric dab rigs take all the guesswork of dabbing out of the equation, allowing for specifics that traditional dab rigs never would have had. Using the innovative electronics in e-rigs, a user is able to set specific temperatures, start the heating process ahead of time, regulate more specific settings, and keep track of dosage.

What’s the Difference Between an E-Rig and an E-Nail?

When you’re talking about dabbing, you’ll often hear the terms e-rig and e-nail thrown around pretty loosely. If you’re looking into hitting dabs for the first time, and you’re looking to purchase some equipment, you won’t want to get the two confused.

While an e-rig is all of the hardware needed in one convenient package, an e-nail is to be used in conjunction with traditional dab rigs. The e-nail provides a solution to the temperature regulation issue that the traditional method of dabbing incurs. It allows you to pinpoint a specific temperature, and heats the quartz, ceramic, or titanium surface of the e-nail to exactly what you’d like it to be.

While some of these are self-contained units, often, an e-nail consists of a nail connected electronically to the regulation device you use to control temperature. This eliminates the need of a torch, and allows for actual regulation, like an e-rig does.

Which Is Best for Me?

In most cases, it’s recommended that if you’re just getting into dabbing, you should choose an e-rig over an e-nail, as it includes all the necessary hardware and makes getting into dabbing much easier. The e-nail is more suited to users who already have traditional glass, and are inclined to continue to use it. The e-nail allows for more control over the variables when used in conjunction with a traditional rig, and can really help the user achieve the desired goal they have in mind when dabbing.

Advantages of an E-Rig Over a Traditional Rig

Of course we’ve mentioned in passing about what makes an e-rig better than a traditional rig, but let’s really break it down here.


Using an e-rig is far easier than using a traditional rig, and allows for even first time users to get in on dabbing easily. Most can be operated single handedly. When compared to a traditional rig, an e-rig is like taking a walk in the park, while a traditional rig is more intimidating, like trying to climb a mountain. This is especially true for first time users.

A Lack of Fire

Unlike traditional rigs, e-rigs don’t require the need to have an open flame, which overall leads to a safer product, and a safer environment when using the product. An open flame in any situation can be an issue, and removing the torch from the dabbing equation certainly isn’t a bad thing.

Control Over the Details

Perhaps the most important factor when considering e-rigs is the amount of control that they allow the user. Temperatures can be set to the nearest degree in some cases, and range from very low temperatures to very high temperatures. This allows for the vaporization of THC in a manner that any user can enjoy, per their personal preferences.

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO

Portability and Discretion

While not all e-rigs are small, they’re certainly a lot more portable than that of their traditional counterparts. Without the need for many external accessories, they pack well and are able to be carried with ease. They also tend to keep a discrete look, one that doesn’t draw as much attention as your typical glass would, which leaves them looking sleek and sophisticated in most cases.

Affordability and Reliability

E-rigs are now at the point where their production has become affordable, and the components used in them are reliable. This allows for continued use and dependability, especially when compared to earlier versions. Compared to traditional glass, they’re beginning to become comparably priced, and pack a hell of a lot more features in comparison.


Cleaning an e-rig is much simpler than cleaning a traditional glass rig, as they’re meant to be disassembled and cleaned after each use in most cases. These user-friendly designs are to make cleaning easy and in turn, keep the user happier with their product and their experience. We recommend 90% isopropyl alcohol to clean your glass.

What to Look for in an E-Rig

When shopping around for an e-rig, there are a handful of specifications that you’re going to want to keep in mind. These are going to lead you to the best product for your personal preferences and needs.

Material for Intended Use

Yes, of course when we’re talking about e-rigs, we’re talking about using them for dabs, the common term for concentrated THC. These concentrations go by a number of names, and come in a number of forms, but the most common concentrations are waxes and oils, which are the primary intended form of e-rigs. However, when talking about more advanced e-rigs, there are some that are able to vaporize multiple forms of material, including oil, cannabis flower, and crystallized THC. Knowing what you plan to vaporize ahead of time can help you to narrow down your e-rig options.

Heating Options

The best e-rigs on the market offer versatility in terms of temperature. These can range anywhere from 250 to 1000 degrees, depending on what THC material you’re using, as well as the way you like to vaporize your product. Ideally, the temperature settings will be able to be changed, either via setting or by specific degree increments.

Additionally, they should heat quickly. When we say quickly, we mean within seconds. Some models will boast heating in under five seconds, like the Dr. Dabber SWITCH. That’s the power of using an e-rig over a traditional rig, by far.

Battery Life

When looking for an e-rig, the battery size and battery life are important. If the battery is too small, then frequent charging may be needed, and it typically won’t heat the element quickly, or to a high temperature. When it comes to battery life, the larger the battery and the more efficiently it heats, the longer the battery will last in between cycles. Again, this is all something you want to take into consideration when it comes to the enjoyability of the product.


It’s worth mentioning cleaning here when it comes to what e-rigs to purchase. You’ll want to look for a design that is easy to clean, and models like the SWITCH, will offer self-cleaning modes designed to burn off any leftover residue. A clean e-rig leads to a better experience and better flavor, so those that are easy to clean should be at the top of the list.

The Best Options on the Market

If you didn’t already know this, we actually created the very first e-rig on the market back in 2015–the Dr. Dabber Boost. Since 2015, we have upgraded and expanded our product line to now offer two great options for e-rigs, whether you’re a first time dabber or a seasoned enthusiast. The two models we offer, the SWITCH and the Boost EVO, are similar enough, but each offers unique experiences.

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO

The Dr. Dabber Boost EVO

The third version of the original e-rig, the Dr. Dabber Boost EVO is the result of years of research and development. The EVO is a smart rig, through and through, utilizing innovative technology and design that very few, if any other models on the market, offer. When you purchase a Boost EVO, you’re purchasing the finest e-rig on the market, that has been perfected through the feedback of thousands of customers. If you really wanna dive in and learn more about the Boost EVO, head to our blog post here.

A Purist E-Rig

The Boost EVO is a purist e-rig in all senses. It was designed and created with one purpose in mind; the perfect dab. Dr. Dabber boasts that the EVO is the product for you if your intent is to hit the perfect dab with each and every use. That being said, the EVO is designed for THC concentrates only. No cannabis flower in this e-rig.

Settings Galore

EVO has six heat settings that have been perfectly calibrated to give you consistent hits with every use. Temperatures that the rig can produce range from 500 to 750 degrees Fahrenheit, allowing you to pick what you like best with every hit. These settings were designed and developed using feedback from the original Boost users, so you know they’re good. We always take customer feedback into consideration, and we believe our products thrive because of it.

Unique and Innovative Technology

This e-rig goes above and beyond when it comes to the technology it uses. First and foremost, the Boost EVO allows for pass-through charging, meaning that you don’t have to wait for it to charge to use it; you can use it while it’s charging. Furthermore, the Boost EVO utilizes a built-in temperature sensor that accurately reads the temperature of the Quartz Atomizer in real time. Other models heat their atomizers based on times, not taking into account variables that may cause the temperature to change. The Boost EVO doesn’t rely on this kind of old school thinking, and goes the extra step to ensure consistency in every single hit.

An Impeccable Battery

The Boost EVO incorporates an impressive battery when you boil down the specs on it. Not only is it powerful enough to heat the atomizer in just 11 seconds, it also has built-in protection against over voltage and short circuiting. What’s more is that on a single charge, the EVO can offer you up to 60 hits. And, to keep that battery’s life in check, the e-rig incorporates into it an auto shutoff feature that turns it off after 15 minutes of idle time.

Exceptional Design and Materials

The Boost EVO is sleek and small in design, lending itself to portability and discretion, two things that are a must when it comes to an everyday e-rig. The design is ergonomic in nature, with pads for comfort. The glass it comes with is designed with the user in mind, using a quick connect adapter for quick assembly when you’re ready to take a hit. No luxury was spared in the creation of this rig, from the durable design of the base to the revolutionary quartz atomizer. The EVO is an exceptional choice for any THC enthusiast and is available in two colors–Moon White & Eclipse Black.

What Comes in the Box

When you order the Boost EVO, you’re getting absolutely everything that you’ll need to get started. We’re avid supporters of our customers, and while we want to offer you accessories so that you can customize your e-rig, we don’t want to alienate the first time user by not including everything needed. We believe add-on accessories should be an option, but never a requirement. All of the following items come with the Boost EVO:

Dr. Dabber SWITCH

The Dr. Dabber SWITCH

The SWITCH is yet another revolutionary product in the Dr. Dabber line. This electric dab rig launched a few years ago and has become a classic, claiming a spot as one of the best e-rigs of 2018 and the years following, earning several awards including Editor’s Choice from major tech publications, Digital Trends and Geekspin.

An E-Rig for All Occasions

The SWITCH sets itself apart from the Boost EVO by offering the ability to vaporize more than just oil. When using the SWITCH, you have (as the name implies) the ability to switch the material you’re vaporizing with it. While it handles oil, just as the Boost EVO does, it’s also capable of vaporizing cannabis flower as well as crystallized concentrates with the use of an accessory induction cup and the flick of a “switch”. This kind of versatility is what gave the SWITCH such success upon release, and what allows it to continue to remain popular within the community.

More Heating Options Than Ever

Like the Boost EVO, the SWITCH is able to heat the product you use with it in a variety of ways, allowing you to achieve the perfect hit every single time. The SWITCH has 25 different different settings for vaporizing your oil and flower, and each one of them is a unique experience. This e-rig is capable of reaching temperatures between 300 and 780 degrees fahrenheit. If you like low temp dabs to allow for fuller flavor, there’s a setting for that. Alternatively, if you prefer high temp dabs with thicker smoke and a more intense hit, there’s a setting for that, too. All that, and the e-rig can hit the optimal temperature within four seconds. The SWITCH is a do-it-all kind of e-rig.

Dr. Dabber SWITCH

Technology Never Used Before

It wouldn’t be a Dr. Dabber product if it didn’t put an emphasis on innovation and experimentation. The SWITCH was rigorously designed from the ground up, built to be the answer to in-depth dabbing and vaporizing. That being said, we knew we needed to take a different route from the other e-rigs on the market–introducing the use of induction heating. Rather than follow the crowd and use conductive heating, the kind that directly heats your product, the SWITCH uses magnets to heat the e-rig to a target temperature resulting in vaporization. If you want to learn more about induction heating in vaporizers, head to our blog post here. It’s truly a marvel when it comes to e-rigs.

Built to Last

The design of the SWITCH shows that it’s built to last in so many ways. The base is sturdily constructed, protecting all of the electronics it houses, and the glass is durable. The most impressive parts about this rig are its induction cups, made from materials like ceramic and titanium (though we also offer Sapphire and SiC among other options), and its self-cleaning mode. These two features go to show that when you buy a SWITCH, you’re buying it for life. And, if something is to happen to your rig that’s out of the ordinary, you’re backed by Dr. Dabber’s award-winning customer service and industry-leading two year warranty.

Unrivaled Battery Power

The battery on the EVO may be impressive, but the battery on the SWITCH is something to be marveled. The SWITCH houses a battery that is safe, in addition to allowing for 150 cycles before needing a recharge. Rest assured, when it’s time for a recharge, the SWITCH only takes an hour to fully charge and if you don’t want to wait that long, pass-through charging is another option.

What Comes in the Box

Like the EVO, the SWITCH comes with everything you’ll need to get started with oil and flower. If you’d like to upgrade or expand your accessory collection, we offer a variety to choose from, but again–not a requirement. Here’s what comes with the SWITCH.

How to Choose an E-Rig

Simply put, if you’re invested in getting one of these e-rigs, you can’t go wrong. However, if you’re looking for portability and don’t need the option to vaporize flower products, then your best option is the Boost EVO. Should you be content with a home rig, or need the option to vaporize concentrates as well as flower, you should be more intent on purchasing the SWITCH, as it allows for more versatility with your material. Regardless, they’re both fantastic options, and we’re confident you’ll be happy with either, but if you still need help deciding between the two check out an even more in-depth comparison on our blog here.

The market is full of versatile products, and there are plenty of options out there. You should be on the lookout for a few specific things though. When selecting, make sure that you’re buying from a reputable company. Take into account your specific needs for dabs, and look for products that match up with your preferences.

You’ll want to investigate what materials the e-rig is intended to be used with, as well as the temperature range that the rig can handle. Different temperatures lead to different experiences. Decide whether or not you want something portable and discrete or something for home use. Of course, be sure to keep battery life in mind, as well! Using this guide and asking yourself the right questions will lead to success when selecting an electric dab rig.

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