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Why You Should Ditch Your Dabbing Torch For a Boost EVO

Why You Should Ditch Your Dabbing Torch For a Boost EVO
In recent years, eRigs have come to the forefront of the dabbing community, boasting an impressive list of benefits that beat out the traditional dabbing experience with a torch. One eRig that may just make you consider retiring your torch altogether, is our newest portable vaporizer–the Boost EVO. Before we explain why, let’s cover some of the most common problems with dab torches.

According to Leafly, cannabis concentrates have been around since the 1940s, though the concept of “dabbing” didn’t arise until the early 2000s. Since then, the popularity of dabbing has exploded as people have been finding different ways to consume their favorite oils, whether it’s via a dab rig and torch, vape pen, or electric dab rig.

In recent years, eRigs have come to the forefront of the cannabis industry, boasting a plethora of benefits that beat out the traditional dabbing experience with a torch. One eRig that may just make you consider retiring your torch altogether, is our newest portable vaporizer–the Boost EVO. Before we explain why, let’s address some of the justifiable concerns associated with dab torches.

Dr. Dabber


Disadvantages of Using a Torch

Beware of the Burn

So you’ve burned yourself with a torch. You may even have scars to prove it. It’s a tale as old as time. warns “Using a torch requires all of the attention that you have available, especially as it’s an integral part of the dabbing process as the nail must be heated up to a certain temperature”. The last thing we want to worry about when getting stoned is devoting all of our attention to a potentially dangerous, open flame.

Negative Stigma

In an industry like ours, there’s naturally a negative stigma surrounding cannabis. Though so much progress has been made in recent years, we still have a long way to go before we can give this plant the recognition it deserves. As cannabis workers, consumers, and educators work to destigmatize what’s been engrained in peoples’ brains for such a long time, many people feel the torch and banger combo only reinforces these negative opinions, comparing the setup to that which resembles something used for other, harder substances.

Time-Consuming Process

Compared to the modern option of an eRig that heats to target temperature in a matter of seconds, the traditional torch method in comparison, can be extremely time consuming, tedious, and stressful. Not only do you have to wait while torching your glass, but you then have to wait for the glass to cool down enough before you can take a dab. Aside from time, there’s no way to gauge exactly what temperature you’re at which leads to a bit of a guessing game. Then, pair those two issues with needing to find the exact place to drop your material. All in all, there are far too many factors at play that can lead to a lackluster dabbing experience and when you’ve paid for a high quality wax, it’d be a shame to waste it.

Costs You $$$

Just like you would replace propane tanks for your grill, you have to regularly replace butane for your torch. After a while, these replacements start to add up and can get costly. Not to mention, if you run out of butane mid-sesh, it can ruin your whole day. When you upgrade to a battery-powered rig, you never have to worry about running out of butane. If your eRig ever dies, just put it on the charger for a little while. Better yet, upgrade to an eRig that offers pass-through charging, like the Boost EVO or SWITCH (more on this later).

Accessibility Issues

Torches aren’t really an option for users with disabilities like cerebral palsy and arthritis. Severity with these issues can range from causing minor irritating complications with a torch to being completely inaccessible and the harder a torch is to operate, the more dangerous it can become for a disabled user. An eRig is a much safer and easier option for users with accessibility issues.

It’s no surprise that the banger and torch setup isn’t as popular as it used to be, especially with new products hitting the market on a regular basis. While the Boost EVO boasts a wide variety of impressive features including stealth mode, 20 or 40 second hold time, and auto shutoff, this compact device also has quite a few features that not only make it completely unique from a glass banger, but make it stand out from other eRigs on the market.

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO

Why the Boost EVO?

Released in late 2020, the Boost EVO is quickly making waves in the industry, gaining recognition from popular tech publications like Geekspin to well-respected cannabis publications like Weedmaps.

“Powerful dabbing with minimal fuss.”–Geekspin
“If dabbing is something you want to–or already include–in your regular cannabis routine, this sleek hassle-free rig could easily be your go-to device.”–Weedmaps
“A small device packed with big personality.”–Medium
“As an electric and self-contained vaporizer, Boost EVO makes dabbing easy and accessible for everyone.” - Forbes

While you can check out the full suite of Boost EVO features on our website, we’ve picked out a few of our favorites. These features stand out to us because they not only solve issues experienced from using a torch, but we feel they solve many issues people commonly find in vaporizers as well.

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO

No Carb Cap? No Problem

Carb caps can be great, but they also pose a variety of issues. How many times have you dropped and broken yours? Or have you ever lost a carb cap? Besides, nobody likes having to scrub off built up residue. It’s tedious, time consuming, and takes away from what we really want to be doing. These dabbing accessories can also be pricey and oftentimes are an add-on that require an additional purchase.

Here’s where the Boost EVO comes in. Our latest release has an incredibly unique design, featuring an airflow release button that essentially replaces a carb cap altogether, producing a “shotgun” effect. As you draw from the Boost EVO, vapor starts to accumulate in the glass attachment as you feel resistance. When you’re ready, a simple press of the airflow release button does the trick, releasing all vapor and providing much lower resistance. Whether you’re more accustomed to a traditional glass banger or an eRig like the Dr. Dabber SWITCH, you’ll love the Boost EVO’s airflow release button.

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO

An Atomizer That’s Built to Last

Most people have a love/hate relationship with the atomizer – we get it. Some devices require expensive atomizers that need replacing far too often. We didn’t cut any corners in the development of Boost EVO, but our attention to detail really shows in Boost EVO’s Quartz Atomizer. Instead of the “monthly” atomizers that you find on many products, you can expect Boost EVO’s Quartz Atomizer to last up to a year, even with heavy usage.

Boost EVO’s Quartz Atomizer is truly revolutionary in the cannabis industry, so let’s dive into why. The Boost EVO atomizer is a fully built component that includes an IntelliTEMP heating element (more on this below), a quartz vaporizing chamber, and a stainless steel body. The heating element and the internals of the atomizer are completely closed off from your oils as well as the vapor path to prevent any residue build up.

We call it “IntelliTEMP” heating, meaning “intelligent temperature”...but what makes this heating element so intelligent? Boost EVO’s heating element includes a built-in, patent pending temperature sensor that sends feedback on the atomizer’s temperature in real-time to the unit to deliver an accurate, repeatable vapor experience every single time. The Quartz Atomizer also features our signature Snaptech magnetic fitments–another awesome design feature. In fact, the Boost EVO is entirely magnetic, with both the aforementioned atomizer and the QC adapter benefitting from Snaptech. No more threading or twisting during insertion or removal–just “snap” it into place. Most importantly, Boost EVO’s temperature sensor leads to an overall more consistent vaporizing experience and better flavor, among a variety of other benefits.

Pass Through USB-C Charging

Like we said earlier, a rechargeable battery powered rig solves the issues that butane poses, but nowadays, it’s not enough to just be battery powered. Nobody wants to wait around until their E Rig charges enough to take a dab, which is why we designed our newest portable dab rig with pass-through charging. That means that you can literally use your device while it’s plugged into the charger. You also see this feature in our desktop vaporizer, the SWITCH, and even our newest vape pen, the Stella. The Boost EVO also features USB-C charging. USB-C charging is a game-changer among modern vaporizers as devices with USB-C charging are typically more powerful, leading to faster charging times.

Quality You Can Trust

Utilizing a quartz to glass vapor pathway yields a variety of significant benefits. All materials used to make our latest eRig that come in contact with vapor or concentrates are food or medical grade, but that’s not all. A quartz to glass vapor pathway actually improves your dabbing experience, too. You can expect to taste your terpenes better, leading to improved and preserved flavor.

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO

Heat Settings Designed By Dabbers, For Dabbers

The Dr. Dabber Boost EVO features six temperature settings, ranging from 500-750° F, with each temperature setting increasing in increments of 50°. Boost EVO’s temperature range can easily appeal to a variety of dabbers, including both newcomers and connoisseurs alike. Why is this so significant? These heat settings were specifically calibrated by our expert team and based on feedback from tens of thousands of previous Boost consumers.

Whether it’s a torch you use or an eRig, there’s no right or wrong way to take a dab, but we do think an E Rig like the SWITCH or Boost EVO is sure to maximize your overall experience. Rest assured when you shop Dr. Dabber, as all of our vaporizers are covered by an industry-leading warranty.

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