Boost Support

 Boost Support

Swapping your Boost Nail
Unscrew Nail: Turn counterclockwise to unscrew nail, then lift nail to remove.
Lower nail and rotate clockwise to screw nail onto eRIG™.

Boost Glass Removal
Between your index finger and your thumb, firmly hold the base of the glass unit AS WELL AS the glass ring that attaches to the device, then push down with caution until the attachment is flush with the lip of the Boost unit.

Do not hold from base alone (water chamber) as the joint may break when attaching the glass. Remove glass with a straight up and down motion. Try not to twist. Hold the glass attachment by the connection port.

Cleaning your Glass attachment
To clean glass attachment, first remove the glass attachment from the eRig, then slowly pour 99% isopropyl alcohol into the mouthpiece until the unit is about 1/4 full.

Shake the attachment gently until clean. To rinse out the alcohol, pour water into the top (mouthpiece) until all alcohol is flushed out of the bottom of the attachment.

To remove all water from device, blow through mouthpiece and shake gently.

Charging your boost
Insert the Micro USB charger into the side of the Boost, then insert the other side of the charger into a USB port or AC adapter.

The power button shows a purple light when the device is being charged. A green light indicates charging is complete. Due to the size of the battery, it is recommended to charge 6-8 hours or overnight on an AC adapter to charge fully.

Try to remove the charging cord as soon as the unit is fully charged, as the cord will not stop the trickle down effect, meaning it will slowly start to lose power over time after a full charge, while plugged in. You can always just unplug and plug the unit back in to check if it needs a few more minutes for a full charge.

Please, be advised our charger for the Boost will charge the battery to about 20 to 30 cycles. If you use an external 18650 battery charger, you will get an approximately 50 cycles. This happens for all USB chargers. They do not put out enough amps to get the battery to its full performance. We use these chargers for the convenience it provides with today's technology.

How to use your Boost
1. Load Water (Remove glass before loading)
2. Click button * 3 times for titanium nail * 5 times for ceramic nail
3. Load product on tip of tool
4. Touch tip of the tool to nail once light changes color, then begin to inhale through glass mouthpiece.
5. Once all product has melted off of tool, flip tool around and place carb cap on top of the nail to increase vapor density.(Generally 3-4 seconds)

Is there a warranty on my boost
Unfortunately, we no longer carry or cover this model of Boost unit under our warranty. Check out our new model, the Boost: Black Edition. 

Please, reach out to our support team if you have any questions 

Boost Instruciton Manual
Boost Instruciton Manual

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