The Adventurer’s Guide to Portable Dabbing

by Dr. Dabber on April 05, 2021

Take your next dab to go. At Dr. Dabber, we know portability like the back of our hand. Each one of our Dr. Dabber vaporizers and electric dab rigs are created specifically with portability in mind to keep you elevated, even when you’re on the move. You might be wondering — with different shapes and sizes, which portable dab product is right for you?  

Unlike your standard rig setup, your Dr Dabber e-rig offers you the freedom to travel on the go with your dab at the ready. When it comes to adventuring, you don’t want to run into trouble while flying or pose any sort of fire hazard while you’re on the road. Our smart dab rigs and vape pens eliminate those worries and give you all the flexibility by providing a more compact, safer option to take with you, whether you’re headed to see a friend or just doing some adventuring. 

We decided to create a guide to help you make the most out of your portable dabbing experience and help you figure out which of our Dr. Dabber portable dabbing products fit your lifestyle best. 


For the Urban Travellers...

You’re a jet setter. You’re known to travel to all of the top cities, hang in the coolest spots, and make friends along the way. You love exploring new places and checking out the local scene, but you’re much more likely to crash in your hotel suite after a night out on the town.


What You Need: Boost EVO or SWITCH E-rig

SWITCH e rig

If you love to be on the go, but aren’t much for roughing it, take your portable tabletop vaporizer with you on your next excursion! For the urban traveller, we recommend the SWITCH or the Boost EVO smart rig. Both are easy to stowaway and don’t take up too much space in your luggage; however, each of these portable dab rigs still bring an explosive flavor and all the heat you want. What’s more? The SWITCH and the Boost EVO allow you to light up the hotel party, with unique ambient light settings. Portable dabbing has never been more dazzling.

Boost EVO smart rig

For the Thrill Seekers...

You’re the trailblazing type. When you and your friends want to go on a trip, you’re at the helm planning the excursions and ready to make your adventure an exhilarating one. Whether it’s hiking a fourteener, mountain biking, or riding the biggest waves, you’re in it for the thrill of it and always leading the way. 


What You Need: Stella Dab Pen

Dr. Dabber Stella Dab Pen

For this kind of adventurer, we cannot recommend the Stella more. The Stella is the handheld vaporizer of the future. Not only is this dab pen sleek, it’s durable and ready to go whenever you are. The Dr. Dabber Stella vape pen was built with endurance in mind. We know that travelling can be lengthy at times, meaning your portable dabbing buddy needs to be built to last. For those constantly on the go, it only makes sense that Stella is equipped with pass through charging, meaning you can even use this polished vape while it’s prepping for the next excursion. The Stella also comes with slick features like it's floating vape chamber and vortex airflow, so you can get the most out of each hit. No matter what the travel conditions might entail, the Stella’s got you.  


For the Wanderers...

You’re not just any kind of adventurer. You’re seeking a proper soul journey. Maybe you’ll rent a van and take on a new kind of life on the road, meeting other wanderers along the way. In any case, you’re the type who loves to dust off the cobwebs, explore the new, and search for meaning in life. Doing that from a seaside cliff doesn’t seem too bad, eh? 


What You Need: Ghost or Light Vape Pen

Dr. Dabber Light Dab Pen

When it comes to long term adventure, you’ll need to pack light. Not to mention, a long term adventure requires a long-lasting battery. Pick out a portable dabbing device that can fit your new compact lifestyle and last for days on end. That’s why we recommend the Ghost or our Light vape pen. Both compact in size and feature award-winning batteries. No worries about losing out on flavor with either of these dab pen options. Bonus–both of these compact vape pens are also 510 threaded, meaning you can use an oil cartridge as an alternative to other loadable concentrates. If you’re tight on space, choose the Light over the Ghost. The Light is our smallest option, but even small this vaporizer is mighty and will more than meet your needs as you discover your path. 

Dr. Dabber Ghost Vape Pen 

We hope you enjoy your adventure no matter which portable dabbing device you choose. Check out some of our other guides and discover more about which Dr. Dabber product you should pick up next!