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Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Dabber

Valentine’s Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Dabber
Love is in the air and of course — a lot of vapor is as well. Lover or not, Dr. Dabber wants to help you pick out the best gift this Valentine’s Day, because hey — the world is always in need of a little more love, and what’s not to love about a nice dab? Check out Dr. Dabber’s V-Day gift guide and make this Valentine’s a little sweeter.

Ah, Valentine’s Day. Love is in the air and of course — a lot of vapor is as well. Even if charm is the name of your game, sometimes it can still be tough to come up with an excellent gift idea for that special someone. We get it, and that’s why we’re here to help! Lover or not, Dr. Dabber wants to help you pick out the best gift this Valentine’s Day, because hey — the world is always in need of a little more love, and what’s not to love about a nice dab? Check out Dr. Dabber’s V-Day gift guide and make your Valentine’s a little sweeter, whether you’re buying for that special cannabis lover in your life or just yourself. So settle in and get cozy, do a little dab and peep this list!

switch frostberry edition, electric dab rig


SWITCH: Frostberry Edition

Brand new to the Dr. Dabber lineup is the SWITCH: Frostberry Edition. And what a take on the SWITCH e-rig! This frosted-blue electric dab rig is ice cold, but we’re still certain it can warm your cannabis lover’s heart. The latest edition to the SWITCH vaporizer fam, the Frostberry comes packaged cool and collected, but don’t be fooled. This electric rig packs the bold punch in flavor and clouds that customers love and sets the SWITCH apart from other vaporizers.

Warm up this Valentine’s Day to the perfect temperature with the SWITCH: Frostberry Edition dab rig. Just as with your typical SWITCH, you’ll get 25 carefully calibrated heat settings to warm your flower or oil heated to perfection so you and yours can get properly faded. Let your sweetheart know you’re thinking about them this Valentine’s Day and give them the power of the SWITCH. The Frostberry is a limited edition and comes with freshly designed limited edition accessories to match, like a new Frostberry carb cap and anodized dab tool combo. Limited quantities are available, so snatch yours up and steal some hearts!

boost evo, e rigs in black and white


Boost EVO

Maybe the dabber in your life already has a SWITCH and wants to try something new. Well you are in luck! Meet the Boost EVO. Built from the ground up, the Boost EVO is a true boss, made with the single goal of achieving the perfect dab. The EVO electric dab rig is a match made in dab lover heaven thanks to its patent-pending temperature control sensor that can lift you and your honey up this Valentine’s like no other. What’s more? The Boost EVO comes equipped with custom features like its very own quartz dish, interchangeable glass, and an ambient lighting setting to give your V-Day that warm, candle-lit glow over a nice dab. The Boost EVO is truly the next generation E-rig. Available in two colors - Moon White and Eclipse Black - grab a Boost EVO for you, and one for your special someone.

stella vaporizer

Stella Full RX Kit

What makes the SWITCH and EVO great is they can multitask as both tabletop vaporizers and help you dab on the go. But what if you have a sweetheart who’s constantly on the move? We got you. The Stella Full RX Kit is the perfect remedy for on-the-go dabbers everywhere. The latest in vaporizer technology now comes perfectly paired with the proper tools to get started. Packaged in a sleek and stylish steel body, this premium vaporizer is durable, perfect for rough excursions and looks fresh to death. The Stella sets the stage for wax vaporizers to come. This Full RX Kit takes an already incredible vaporizer to the next level. The kit comes equipped with the Stella vaporizer kit, glass mouthpiece, replacement atomizer, and a silicone shatter jar. Give your sweetheart that extra boost and get lifted properly this Valentine’s Day.

light vaporizer


Light Vaporizer Kit

Is the dab lover in your life known for not having a lot of storage space? Maybe they’re a minimalist or a “beginner”. No worries! Dr. Dabber’s Light Pen Kit makes for an excellent choice. We refer to the Light vape pen as our compact counterpart to our Ghost vape. The Light Pen is small but mighty, packing tons of flavor and smooth hits without compromising quality. Our Light Pen is great for Valentine’s adventures and beyond — whether you’re off to the beach, the ski lodge or just vibin’. All that flavor fits into a slim design that makes a big impact. The Light will be a crowd-pleaser for sure.

electro-percolator glass attachment


SWITCH: Electroplated Percolator

Got an electric love this Valentine’s Day? Hook them up with the SWITCH: Electroplated Percolator. This psychedelic percolator is made with the same design as the original, but with a funky twist. The Electroplated Percolator is hand-blown and hand-dipped in an electro-bath. So cool, right? The electro-bath contains a swirl of metal ions and salts, all set to charge to deposit the metals right onto the surface. This creates a film that gives this glass percolator its incredible, kaleidoscopic look. The Electroplated Percolator is a dazzling addition to your SWITCH collection, and because each of the percolators are hand-dipped, no two look the same. Your sweetheart will be sure to love it!

blue flake dichro carb cap


SWITCH: Blue Flake Dichro Carb Cap

Speaking of dazzling your sweetheart, we wanted to wrap our list with the SWITCH: Blue Flake Dichro Carb Cap. This brilliant carb cap makes for a great alternative to our Bubble Carb Cap, offering a shining star to you or your cannabis lovers’ collection. The Blue Flake Dichro Carb Cap is created with dichroic glass, which is glass that displays two different colors depending on the lighting situation. Luckily for you, this eye-catching accessory also features bright flecks of glitter, sure to sparkle your day like a glass of bubbly. Dr. Dabber’s Blue Flake Dichro Carb Cap is an excellent addition to your dab experience, providing directional airflow and allowing you to enhance your production and make more clouds.

Thanks for viewing our list, and be sure to check out other faves from around the site. Make Valentine’s Day a special one this year with a gift from Dr. Dabber! If you pick something out, feel free to share and tag us on social! We can’t wait to see it.

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