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What a Good Carb Cap Can Do for You

What a Good Carb Cap Can Do for You
If you’re a SWITCH user, you’re probably already familiar with carb caps. Not ringing a bell? Carb caps are convenient, easy to use accessories for your electric dab rig. Learn more about different types of carb caps, and get the DL on how they can help you achieve a great dab. 

If you’re a SWITCH user, you’re probably already familiar with carb caps, but for those who may not be acquainted, let’s chat.


What is a Carb Cap?

Carb caps are convenient, easy to use accessories for your electric dab rig that help you to achieve a great dab. Basically, carb caps regulate and restrict airflow while you’re dabbing to get the most out of your concentrate. Carb caps increase pressure in airflow within the nail. Since the concentrate is surrounded in an evenly heated environment, this provides some assurance that the dab will be completely vaporized. Utilizing a carb cap when vaporizing flower can create similar benefits. By increasing airflow pressure, flower is vaporized efficiently leaving you with a smooth, dense hit.

Oftentimes, dab nails or bangers can get extremely hot; however, carb caps allow you to use dabs at a lower temperature. This decreases the odds that you’ll lose out on precious terpenes from overheating and preserve your concentrate, thus containing the flavor profile, offering bursting flavor and a high quality hit. With carb caps’ compact size, they’re also the ideal companion for portable rigs. Just stash in your bag and go!


How Do You Use a Carb Cap?

Not only do carb caps help you get the most out of your dab, they’re super easy to use. All you have to do to take your electric rig to the next level is put your dab into your nail/banger, cover the top with your carb cap and it’ll do the rest of the work - consistently heating your dab and allowing you to vaporize most effectively. Like our recent blog post about induction cups, carb caps only serve to enhance your dabbing experience. Interestingly enough, carb caps and induction cups are also quality teammates, but you’ll read more about that below.


Types of Carb Caps

Dr. Dabber offers several different kinds of carb caps that all operate to help you get the most out of your wax rig, with multiple styles and design options. Each carb cap comes equipped with its own unique features, meaning that results will vary depending on your carb cap of choice. The more you build your carb cap collection, the more opportunity you’ll have to discover exactly which carb cap is your perfect match - while having a great experience.


Marble Carb Cap

To kick off our list, the most familiar and conventional carb cap is the Marble Carb Cap. Our Marble Carb Cap comes rounded at the end, making it easy to grip and incredibly user friendly. This carb cap comes with your purchase of the SWITCH. The best part? Our carb cap was recently redesigned and upgraded after two years of customer feedback.

Despite the simplicity, the Marble Carb Cap is still impressive and will surely turn your dab sesh up a notch. Who knew something so standard could level up your electric dab rig so much?


Bubble Carb Cap

The Bubble Carb Cap was graced with its name due to its bubble shaped appearance. The cap’s shape makes it super versatile and gives the user more control over their vaping experience. This carb cap provides directional airflow, which allows for more flexibility in both vapor density and increased production. Because of its high level of functionality and affordability, the Bubble Carb Cap is a great entry level option. It’s also one of our best-selling SWITCH accessories.


Mojito Directional Carb Cap

Another top seller, Dr. Dabber’s Directional Carb Caps make a great addition to your carb cap fam. Like their namesake, these carb caps help to direct airflow, extending your ability to collect concentrate vapor until your dish is practically wiped clean. Our hand-blown Directional Carb Caps feature a horizontally blown hole at the tip and a side blown hole, which essentially creates a cyclone effect when you inhale. The placement of the hole lowers the temperature and of course, boosts the flavor of the oil. What’s more? Our Directional Carb Caps are also great for vaping flower. These pack a big punch in a small package, which is great because its size creates a higher resistance pull, producing dense vapor and a strong high.


Ruby Dichro Carb Cap

Next up on our carb cap lineup is Dr. Dabber’s Ruby Dichro Carb Cap. Made of premium dichro glass, this carb cap takes the simplicity of the bubble carb cap and makes it POP. These eye catching carb caps feature flecks of glitter while portraying a traditional bubble cap style. The Ruby Dichro Carb Cap helps users have more control over their vaping experience and provides that sweet directional airflow necessary to increase production and density of the vapor. Dr. Dabber offers a few different variations of the Dichro Carb Cap if Ruby isn’t for you.

Fumed Mini Decanter Carb Cap

A Dr. Dabber original, the Fumed Mini Decanter Carb Cap is compact, making for a higher resistance pull and accordingly, plenty of dense vapor using directional airflow. The decanter is ideal for those looking for resistance and lots of clouds. This carb cap will provide a more effective vaping experience if manipulated during use. These hand blown beauties feature a fumed finish that starts as a pale yellow ombre and transforms as it is used later revealing a combination of beautiful greens, blues, and purples.

Helix Carb Cap

As its name suggests, the best-selling Helix Carb Cap features an intricate helix design blown into the glass. Its unique six spiral airflow outlets generate a vortex airflow effect that creates the ideal atmosphere for maximized flavor. Each Helix Carb Cap is hand-blown to create a distinct, yet solid character. However, this carb cap is still incredibly versatile and is fantastic, whether you're using the SWITCH as an e-rig or as a flower vaporizer. However, we’ve found it displays optimal results in the SWITCH’s Leaf Mode.

Sunrise Carb Cap

Looking for a carb cap to start your morning off the right way? The Sunrise Carb Cap offers the true sunrise experience, with different glints of color in different lighting. Our Sunrise Carb Cap features low shades of blue, yellow, and orange in darker lighting. Turn the sun up, and you’ll see glowing peach and bright jade. Our newest addition to the carb cap fam features a deeper tip, allowing for more direct interaction with the induction cup along with a wider cavity, directly impacting heat and airflow. Like our popular directional carb caps, the Sunrise’s design creates a unique cyclone effect, which is perfect for boosting flavor whether you’re using flower or oil. The Sunrise Carb Cap will grant you dense vapor and strong resistance pull every time.

Carb Cap Silicone Seal

Our Carb Cap Silicone Seals come with every SWITCH but we also sell them on our site as a replacement or for people who want an extra seal. We recommend these seals to be used with all carb caps to create an airtight seal and give you the most out of your electric rig. To use this most effectively, we recommend placing this seal around the glass attachment to hold your carb cap in place. This will boost vapor production, and soon you’ll be soaring.

Whether you’re on the quest for the perfect hit or just vibing out, a good carb cap can bring your vaping experience to never before seen heights. Step your game up and grab your next carb cap today!

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