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What Temperature Settings on Your E Rig Really Mean: Boost EVO Edition

What Temperature Settings on Your E Rig Really Mean: Boost EVO Edition
You already have a go to temperature setting for dabbing concentrates out of your SWITCH vaporizer. Have you found yours for the Boost EVO? Maybe you’ve had a chance to get familiar with how the Boost EVO operates, but perhaps you still have questions about our latest product. We crafted this nifty guide to give you some extra depth and help you make the most out of this sleek smart rig by diving deep into one of its key features–the heat settings. 

You already have a go to temperature setting for dabbing concentrates out of your SWITCH vaporizer. Have you found yours for the Boost EVO? Maybe you’ve had a chance to get familiar with how the Boost EVO operates, but perhaps you still have questions about our latest product. We crafted this nifty guide to give you some extra depth and help you make the most out of this sleek smart rig by diving deep into one of its key features–the heat settings.

Boost EVO quartz atomizer

For starters, the Boost EVO comes with its very own quartz dab atomizer, the mechanism that turns your oil into vapor, and a heating element equipped with IntelliTEMP technology, an advanced temperature sensor. This heating element directly calibrates your dab atomizer’s temperature in real time to give you a perfectly succinct and repeatable vaping experience each time. This novel tech is then combined with the six unique temperature settings, allowing you to dial in to the Boost EVO e rig and truly achieve the perfect dab.

These temperature variants allow you to explore even the most minute differences between lower and higher temp dabs to help you find your sweet spot, with each temperature setting increasing in increments of 50 degrees, there’s something for everyone. And thanks to torchless dabbing, you won’t have to worry about burning your concentrates. We hope this guide can help you traverse the Boost EVO’s distinct calibrations to best meet your needs. Now, let’s get to know our options.


Purple - 500°F

If you’re one for flavor, the purple setting on our Boost EVO electric dab rig is made for you. At 500°F, purple is low enough that it allows you to retain the maximum flavor profile when you dab your concentrate from this electric rig. Most terpenes’ and cannabinoids’ boiling points are relatively low, occurring between 225-430°F. What this means is that at a lower temperature, you’ll be able to enjoy the pleasant effects of the cannabinoids as well as the immaculate flavors of your terpenes. Furthermore, you’ll be graced with a smoother hit when you dab at a lower temperature.

Lower temperature dabs also correlate with a lighter concentration of vapor. Essentially, vaping at a lower temperature trades dense cloud production for enhanced effects of the concentrates’ terpenes and cannabinoids. Commonly, lower temperature dabs produce a somewhat lighter, airier high. We attribute this to less concentrate used in the process, but thanks to abundant terpenes at this temp, you’ll be able to hang onto those benefits. That said, the Boost EVO smart rig’s purple setting is perfect for those looking to find a balance between flavor and intensity. It’s also a great jumping off point for those who are newer to the world of electric rigs.

Boost EVO, blue temperature setting

Blue - 550°F

Blue is where you’ll start to feel the heat. At a comparatively cool 550°F, you’ll still achieve a relatively smooth hit, but this is where vapor starts to become a little more abrasive. As you dive into the smart rig’s blue setting, you’ll also begin to see increased vapor production. Since you’re at 550°F, your experience will be fairly similar to the purple setting in terms of cannabinoids and terpenes, but there will be slightly less flavor as your concentrate will begin to lose out on these compounds due to higher heat. Regardless, expect a rather flavorful and bold experience, only now accompanied by a slightly heavier high.

Cyan - 600°F

Getting into the middle range of the Boost EVO smart rig’s temperature settings, you’ll meet cyan. At 600°F, things are heating up, but this is still a rather middle of the road heat setting. Some call this temperature the ideal spot for dabbers because it allows you to sap up more oil in one go while retaining flavor. Of course, you’ll be sacrificing some of that flavor in order to take a higher temperature hit as terpenes and cannabinoids content will be much lower.

As a trade off, you’ll begin to see significantly ramped up cloud production from your Boost EVO. At 600°F, you’ll begin to experience some sedative effects due to a larger volume of product consumed. You’ll also feel a greater pull due to increased resistance, accompanied by a harsher taste. Nevertheless, our cyan setting still allows a more nuanced balance between flavor and intensity, slightly favoring the potent nature of the heat thus leading to a stronger high.

Green - 650°F

Dabbing is heat centric, and our green setting at 650°F underscores that. You may have explored our blog post, How to Get Bigger Clouds and Flavor From Your Vaporizer, and if so, you’ve seen that there’s much to be said about getting higher temperature dab hits. Specifically, higher temp dabs help you get a hit that’s focused entirely on vapor production at the expense of flavor profile. Once you hit higher temperatures on your smart rig, you’ll be swept away by the large amount of dense clouds, and leave little to no residue behind. Basically, high temperature dabbing lets you dab without leaving a trace of product. This allows you to be bold, but at a healthy level, as the higher the temperature you dab, the more likely you are to run into potentially detrimental effects. In terms of impact, the green setting will have you riding into a wave of highly sedative effects, alongside a much harsher pull.

Boost EVO, orange temperature setting

Orange - 700°F

We’re cranking up the heat with this one. At 700°F, you’re getting into the upper echelon of high temperature dabs. No, really. We recognize that some dabbers turn it up a notch to even 1,000°F at times. However, we typically don’t recommend getting too much hotter than this. The primary reason that you’ll want to hit the Boost EVO at our orange setting is if you’re using large amounts of product at a single time. For instance, if you load up a smaller amount into your concentrate vaporizer at the orange setting, it will burn through quickly and leave you with little vapor left over. So, if you're working through loads of concentrates or ‘globs’ or simply hitting your e rig with friends, the orange setting might be right for you. In any case, prep for a rather harsh, less flavorful draw.

White - 750°F

Topping off our temperature settings is our white option at 750°F. The Boost EVO white is not for the faint of heart. If you’re used to large, hot hits, strap in. Much like our orange setting, we advise against using this temperature unless you’re fueling with a significant amount of oil. Unlike the lower temperatures, our white hot temp will leave you with the densest clouds of vapor you can imagine. Don’t expect to get maximal flavor with this setting, but do expect to get lit. Dab size really does matter, and the larger the dab you inhale, the higher you’ll be.

The Boost EVO is the e rig of the future. It was built with the help of recommendations courtesy of Dr. Dabber fans everywhere to achieve the best dab possible. We’re always dreaming up ways to make your dab experience even better, so please feel free to share your unique experiences tinkering with the Boost EVO’s temperature settings with us!

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