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How to Get Bigger Clouds & Flavor From Your Vaporizer

How to Get Bigger Clouds & Flavor From Your Vaporizer
Getting bigger clouds doesn’t happen by luck. It’s an intricate scientific process, as old as time itself. To get you some serious altitude, we need to talk about how to maximize your cloud output from your wax pen or electric dab rig. In vape cloud science, there are a couple of important things to consider. Learn more about what they are and soon you'll be creating the biggest clouds on the block. 

At Dr. Dabber, we take getting you to the next level seriously. To get you serious altitude, we need to talk about how to maximize your cloud output from your wax pen or electric dab rig. But big clouds are no fun without big flavor. No worries, we’ll get to that too!

Getting bigger clouds doesn’t happen by luck. It’s an intricate scientific process, as old as time itself. In science, cloud formation begins when warm, moist air filled with water vapor rises. While the air is rising into the atmosphere, it undergoes a transformation. The air enters into a cooler, lower pressure environment, and when this happens the water vapor is no longer able to be held onto by the air. So, that water vapor condenses and forms into a cloud!



Interestingly, the process is quite similar to cloud formation in your Dr. Dabber wax vaporizer. To get scientific for a minute, airflow plays a huge role in amping up your cloudage. Essentially, more airflow increases the cycle of air within your vape pen or electric dab rig, cooling down the vapor in the process. Seeing a pattern here? With that, more condensation is able to occur, thus resulting in more clouds!

Like everything, airflow is a game of balance. You don’t want too much, but you still want the clouds. By finding a nice balance in restrictiveness of the flow, your fave vape pen or e-rig will be ripe for the vaping.

dr dabber carb cap

We offer a variety of carb caps that each offer something different to the SWITCH user’s experience when it comes to airflow. A great beginner’s upgrade option is our SWITCH: Bubble Carb Cap, allowing for more flexibility in vapor density and production! If you want more directional airflow, check out our line of Directional Carb Caps. Featuring a horizontally blown hole at the tip, our Directional Carb Caps create a cyclone effect as you inhale through the SWITCH. The compact size of these carb caps also makes for a higher resistance pull, which in turn creates more dense vapor.

For SWITCH users looking for bigger clouds, our two most recommended accessories are the SWITCH: Carb Cap Silicone Seal and the SWITCH: Glass Attachment Silicone Seal. Both accessories come with your SWITCH kit! Together, both seal off outside air to create more vapor production when using an upgraded carb cap. Keeping your induction chamber airtight will help create more vapor production, while the Glass Attachment Silicone Seal will also help avoid damage of sticking glass.


Power Tools

Time to accessorize. Your setup is key to maximizing clouds, so naturally you need a top vape pen or quality electric dab rig. Your vaporizer must have the ability to put out what you’re putting in, which means the more powerful, the better. Dr. Dabber to the rescue! We’re known for our high performance, power packed vaporizers. You can’t build a table without the proper tools, and you can’t maximize clouds and flavor without some extra zing.

Speaking of power, your battery has a huge impact on your overall cloudage. Like ourselves, batteries can stress out if they’re overexerted. To keep the clouds coming and the flavor yummy, shut your dab pen’s batteries off when you’re done to let them breathe. Your wax vape’s atomizer is another fundamental asset to your cloud creation process. Ceramic and quartz coils, like the ones we use in our vape pens, make only the smoothest clouds and reduce the chances of a harsh hit.

Dr. Dabber Boost EVO

Furthermore, your atomizer helps to channel heat successfully. Ceramic atomizers are able to be used at higher voltages which, as we know, equals more clouds and retains heat well, while still bringing that burst of flavor. Quartz atomizers like Boost EVO’s are a good option too if you’re looking for something that heats quickly but also helps you cloud it up.

If you already own a Dr. Dabber SWITCH, there are tons of accessories to choose from that will help you dial in the experience you’re looking for - all of which are included in our Black Friday Sale, might we add... When it comes to flavor, we recommend the Quartz, Sapphire, or SiC Induction Cups.

The Quartz Induction Cup is designed specifically for use with oil, but can also be used for low heat flower vaporization. This accessory is the perfect entry-level upgrade for SWITCH users, providing optimal flavor at a price point that won’t break the bank.

The Sapphire and SiC Induction Cups are slightly more premium options. Sapphire is known for providing top notch flavor, due to its ultra clean surface, and our Sapphire Induction Cup does not disappoint. SiC (Silicon Carbide) is another ultra premium option for SWITCH users who love oil. The SiC insert is lightweight, and extremely durable, able to withstand very high temperatures - perfect for those high temp dabs in the green and yellow range. With the SiC Induction Cup’s higher thermal conductivity, you can achieve your desired heat at a much lower temperature setting while maintaining great flavor.

dr dabber switch


Bring on the Heat

Dr. Dabber utilizes low heat technology to heat your oil to optimal temps -- easy. Notably, different oils respond better to various temperatures, which is one of the reasons why the Dr. Dabber SWITCH comes with 25 heat settings. Heating your oil to the optimal temperature allows you to get the most out of your oils and make the chance of getting that burnt hit basically non-existent. You know the one.

By using a vape or electric dab rig with controlled heat settings, you get more opportunities to tailor your heat output to different kinds of oils that are in need of different settings to access melting points. The SWITCH is programmed to get you the heat you want and the clouds you’re chasing. If you’re looking for those dense clouds, adjust the heat accordingly. We can guarantee clouds you’d typically expect from a traditional water pipe.

Interested in learning more about which heat setting might be right for your dabbing experience? Check out our blog on SWITCH temp settings and get to finding that sweet spot.

While heat is vital to cloud boosting, low temp dab rigs, like Dr. Dabber’s help maintain that deeper cannabinoid profile, and likewise more flavor -- no matter the size. Furthermore, by utilizing an e-nail, you’re setting yourself up for success, since heat is able to distribute more easily and evenly.


Your Concentrates at Play

You have your tools, but now you want to cloud it up. Let’s talk about concentrates. If your oil was processed using CO2 extraction, then congratulations! Your concentrate retained more terpenes. More terps mean more aroma and ultimately more flavor. Another go-to for top tier flavor profile is live resin, as the process to make live resin also retains terpenes.

Consistency of oil also affects the flavor. Budder for example, carries a powerful flavor, with a higher oil-like consistency as it contains more moisture since it's whipped less than wax. Rosin’s sap-like consistency also boasts that flavor. Learn more about concentrates you might run across on your search for clouds here.

It’s easier to shoot for the moon when you know how to aim. That’s why we want to ensure you have the know how to maximize cloudage effectively, leading to better experiences for dab hits to come. We’re here for it.

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