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Best Concentrate Vaporizer Options: Buyer’s Guide - Dr.Dabber®

Best Concentrate Vaporizer Options: Buyer’s Guide - Dr.Dabber®

Best Concentrate Vaporizer Options: Buyer’s Guide

best concentrate vaporizer - Dr. Dabber®

If you’ve been looking for a way to enjoy your concentrates without going through the hassle of traditional smoking and dabbing methods, then look no further than Dr. Dabber. Our top-notch collection of concentrate vaporizers (otherwise known as wax vaporizers) is sure to blow your mind, and — quite honestly — revolutionize your smoking experience. As the name implies, a concentrate vaporizer works by activating the compounds of your concentrate through the application of precise heat. This tends to make for a much smoother, cleaner session overall. No more coughing up a lung every time you take a dab!

Dr. Dabber’s concentrate vaporizers are incredibly versatile. We offer portable dab pens, desktop vaporizers, and more! It’s also worth mentioning that the vapor quality is unmatched when it comes to Dr. Dabber’s products. If it’s a personalized vaping experience you’ve been looking for, then we’ve got your back. Let’s take a closer look at the best concentrate vaporizer options from Dr. Dabber below!

What Is a Concentrate Vaporizer?

If you’ve mainly been using dry herb vaporizers throughout your smoking and vaping career, you might not know what a concentrate vaporizer is. That’s okay, though! We’re here to help. First, let’s talk a little bit about cannabis concentrates. Cannabis concentrates are highly potent forms of the cannabis flower, created through an extraction process. Concentrates encompass any residual cannabis material that’s leftover after extraction. Solvents like butane and carbon dioxide are typically used to isolate compounds like THC and CBD from the cannabis plant — which, of course, is what gets you high.

This process combines pressure and carbon dioxide to effectively separate the cannabis plant matter. This is what creates the concentrates you may or may not be used to vaping through a wax pen or dab rig. Kief is a great example of an unprocessed cannabis concentrate. It consists of trichomes (tiny hairs found on cannabis) which can be vaporized to produce a truly magnificent high.

Butane hash oil (BHO) is also a well-known concentrate. It’s generally obtained by extracting cannabinoids from dried flowers using butane (as the name suggests). This process creates a sticky or hard wax called BHO, which has a crazy-high THC content and is often sought after because it’s great for alleviating chronic pain symptoms.

What is a concentrate vaporizer, though? Well, we’re glad you asked. Concentrate vaporizers offer an especially fast and effective method of consuming cannabis concentrates. As you may have already guessed, vaping concentrate makes for an experience that surpasses the potent delight of inhaling dry herbs tenfold.

These vaporizers are particularly favored by medical cannabis users because they can provide rapid relief (thanks to the concentrated dose of cannabinoids they contain). For people wanting to get some pain relief without experiencing any psychoactive effects, CBD concentrates are an excellent choice. All of Dr. Dabber’s concentrate vaporizers work well for use with CBD concentrates, so don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

So, how does a dab hit from a concentrate vaporizer work? As you may already know, dabbing involves applying a concentrate onto the vaporizer coil and inhaling as the cannabinoids transform from a wax-like substance into a smooth vapor. This method is very quick, easy, and straightforward. You’ll experience the effects of the cannabinoids right away (which might explain why this particular method has gained so much popularity).

A concentrate vaporizer (the portable version of which is known as a “dab pen” or “wax pen”) offers discretion and convenience to dabbers who are on the go. If you’ve often found yourself getting the urge to take a dab while driving to work or hanging out at the beach with your friends, a portable vaporizer just might be a great option for you!

What Is the Best Concentrate Vaporizer?

Choosing the ideal concentrate vaporizer may seem like a daunting task, but don’t fret! Dr. Dabber is here to help. Whether you’re looking for a discreet wax pen that easily fits in your pocket, such as the Dr. Dabber Light vape pen, or prefer a more traditional concentrate vaporizer like the renowned Dr. Dabber Switch, you can rest assured that you’re about to have an incredible vaping experience.

Regardless of what your lifestyle is like, Dr. Dabber offers plenty of wax vaporizers, all of which are crafted to meet the unique needs of our customers. Let’s delve deeper into some of Dr. Dabber's finest concentrate vaporizers. We’ll be exploring the features that set them apart in this section, so stick around if you want to learn more!

Boost Evo Vaporizer

boost evo vaporizer - Dr. Dabber®

With the Boost Evo, you have the choice between the enchanting Moon White or the sleek Eclipse Black. Yay for aesthetic preferences! To quote that ancient El Paso hard and soft tacos commercial “⸮Porque no los dos?” This dry herb vaporizer is meticulously crafted to offer smokers a consistent and customizable dabbing experience. Featuring a temperature-controlled heating element, it pretty much guarantees a healthy balance between vapor production and flavor preservation.

Calibrated based on invaluable feedback from dabbers like you, the Boost Evo features six carefully curated heat settings. This concentrate vaporizer was designed with simplicity and convenience in mind, but that doesn’t mean it’s lacking in terms of features. The opposite is true. The Boost Evo offers push-to-start functionality, an extended battery life, a glass bubbler, and a customizable quartz dish, all of which are sure to make your vaping experience hassle-free and enjoyable. Remember, the Boost Evo should be used exclusively with CBD concentrates.

Switch Vaporizer

switch vaporizer - Dr. Dabber®

If you're in search of a truly remarkable vaping experience, your quest ends here. The Switch vaporizer will allow you to effortlessly switch between flower and concentrate — talk about versatility! We can’t think of a better way to get your dab on! With the Switch, you’ll be able to enjoy the convenience of swiftly transitioning between different materials without any hassle, all while preserving the integrity of the terpenes in your concentrates.

Equipped with an impressive selection of 25 heat settings, the Switch empowers you to customize your vaping experience. What more could you ask for? Designed for user-friendliness and convenience, this wax vaporizer features a self-cleaning mode and utilizes glass-encased heating technology. Thankfully, this simplifies the cleaning process even further!

Similar to the Boost Evo, the Switch has an extended battery life. You’ll be able to use it over 100 times on just a single charge. Recharging is a breeze, too — it only takes about an hour! The Switch also comes with a generous 2-year warranty, as your satisfaction is very important to the Dr. Dabber team. Like the Boost Evo, it’s recommended that you use the Switch with CBD only.

Ghost Vaporizer Pen

ghost vaporizer pen - Dr. Dabber®

Undoubtedly, the Ghost vape pen has established itself as a formidable contender in the vape pen market, earning well-deserved recognition. Having secured multiple High Times Best Vaporizer Pen awards, the Ghost vaporizer pen truly exemplifies exceptional quality. Try it out and see for yourself! Among its standout features is its Titanium Technology, which gradually heats concentrates to the perfect temperature. In other words, this vape pen brings the flavor!

With this approach — which sounds like something out of a science fiction movie — the Ghost vaporizer pen excels in delivering a memorable vaping experience. It’s equipped with a ceramic-lined atomizer and features high-quality titanium coils. Every draw is guaranteed to be smooth and potent. We honestly can’t recommend it enough! The Ghost vape pen also boasts an impressively long-lasting battery life.

This little guy is capable of providing up to 50 full heating cycles on a single charge. Its versatility is also noteworthy, as it’s compatible with most 510-threaded concentrate cartridges. For dabbers on the go, the Ghost vape pen is undeniably an excellent choice. It fits perfectly in your pocket, so you can take it anywhere!

Light Vaporizer Pen

light vaporizer pen - Dr. Dabber®


For enthusiasts of full melt concentrates seeking a compact and especially affordable option, the Dr. Dabber Light vape pen might just be the perfect choice for you. This stylish wax pen complements its sleek counterpart, the Dr. Dabber Ghost vape pen. The Light vaporizer comes with an integrated atomizer within its mouthpiece (i.e. it utilizes low-heat technology similar to the Ghost). However, the Light has undergone a slimming transformation, which means it comes with a much more budget-friendly price tag.

Don't be deceived by its small size; this vape pen packs a powerful punch and has a very impressive battery life. On a single charge, you can relish in up to 200 full heating cycles. Charging the Light is easy — like a lot of our other devices, it only takes an hour for it to replenish its energy. Its discreet design makes it super portable, which means it’s the perfect companion for dabbers who have places to be.

The Light vape pen is also quite versatile. You can easily switch between different types of concentrates, which is always nice. Like the Ghost, this wax pen is compatible with the majority of 510-threaded cartridges. We love to see it!

Who Makes the Best Concentrate Vaporizer?

Why, Dr. Dabber does, of course! Dr. Dabber reigns supreme when it comes to concentrate vaporizers (and dry herb vaporizers, for that matter). With unwavering commitment, Dr. Dabber has honed their craft to perfection. This means that using a Dr. Dabber vape pen or dab rig is sure to provide an experience that transcends the ordinary. Each meticulously crafted concentrate vaporizer from Dr. Dabber showcases their dedication to quality and precision. 

From the sleek and powerful Switch vaporizer with its induction technology and ability to transition between flower and concentrate to the Boost Evo with its luminescent colors and customized heat settings, Dr. Dabber's masterpieces will, without a shred of doubt, elevate your vape sessions to the max. Dr. Dabber’s concentrate vaporizers are designed with user convenience in mind.

Many of their devices feature self-cleaning modes, long-lasting batteries, and compatibility with lots of different cartridges. Dr. Dabber wants to ensure that every puff you take is perfect — and chances are, they will be! With a legacy marked by prestigious awards and a loyal community of dabbing enthusiasts, Dr. Dabber is undeniably unrivaled in the world of concentrate vaporizers.

The Different Types of Concentrate Vaporizers

If your goal is to have an incredible vaping experience in the shortest amount of time possible, then using a concentrate vaporizer is your best bet. Oils and waxes, packed with the active components of your favorite herb, omit the plant material that merely contributes to fragrance and taste without actually enhancing the effects of the THC and CBD.

Just a few draws from a quality wax pen is likely to make you feel much higher than an extensive session of smoking dry herb will. Needless to say, concentrate vaporizers can be quite potent! It honestly comes as no surprise that so many people have transitioned exclusively to concentrate vaporizers, bidding farewell to dry herbs entirely.

That said, picking out a concentrate vaporizer can be a bit confusing and challenging, particularly for those who are new to wax vaping. There isn't a single type of concentrate vaporizer available. There are three main types, which we’ll talk about in more detail below:

  1. 510-thread batteries
  2. Oil pens
  3. Dab pens

Each of these types comes with its own unique strengths, and there’s a fair amount of overlap between these devices as well, which admittedly makes things all the more complicated. Let’s break it down below, shall we?

510-Thread Batteries

One of the most popular options for people who are just stepping into the world of concentrate vaporizers is the 510-thread battery. Acting as the lower half of a vaporizer, it houses the battery cell and the electronics that are required for the device to operate properly. The upper half, which holds the oil, needs to be provided separately. Pre-filled cartridges can be easily found online or in vape shops, as can refillable vape cartridges. Simply connect the cartridge to the battery, and you're ready to start vaping!

The appeal of 510-thread batteries lies in their simplicity and affordability. Despite their straightforward nature, they tend to be incredibly potent and will undeniably provide beginners and connoisseurs alike with an enjoyable vaping experience. To start using a 510-thread battery, all you’ll need to do is charge it up. Then, attach a pre-filled vape cartridge or fill your own cartridge, and you're good to go.

Depending on the battery's design, you can either puff on the mouthpiece or press down on the button to vape. We love this type of concentrate vaporizer because it’s so simple and easy to use!

Oil Pens

Oil pens and 510-thread batteries share a common foundation, as both are essentially 510-thread batteries that can be used with a bunch of different vape cartridges. That said, oil pens do come with particularly advanced features, which might just pique the interest of more experienced vapers — especially those who are looking for enhanced performance and flexibility from their concentrate vaporizers.

The most notable benefit of upgrading from a 510-thread battery to an oil pen has got to be the greater control it’ll give you over your vaping experience. The ability to customize the power output of an oil pen means that you’ll always be able to enjoy the best possible vaping session, regardless of the specific cartridge you’ve decided to go with.

The potential drawback of opting for an oil pen, however, is that it may introduce an extra level of complexity, which, understandably, might put some people off. That said, if you want the ability to fine-tune your vaping experience, an oil pen is the way to go.

Dab Pens

Dab pens, also known as wax pens, offer a pretty distinct vaping experience in comparison to oil pens and 510-thread batteries. This is because they’re specifically designed to vaporize solid wax instead of liquid oil. A lot of users have found that wax provides an even more potent sensation than oil. Needless to say, a reliable dab pen makes for an incredible experience. You’ll want to hit up Dr. Dabber for one sometime soon!

The main benefit of dab pens has to do with their "on-demand" nature. All you have to do is turn on the device, touch the heating tip to your wax, and inhale – it's as simple as that! However, dab pens do, unfortunately, have limited portability. While oil pens may be slightly less potent, they tend to be more compact and lightweight. Dab pens, though slightly portable, are primarily intended for at-home vaping.

That said, the exceptional potency that wax vaping offers makes dab pens awfully compelling, doesn’t it? If you don’t plan on using a concentrate vaporizer outside of your home, a dab pen makes for an excellent choice.

The Benefits of Using Concentrate Vaporizers

concentrate vaporizer benefits - Dr. Dabber®

At this point, you might be wondering: “Why should I use a concentrate vaporizer? The traditional smoking methods are just as good.” Well, we’re about to let you in on a little secret. Vaping is superior to traditional smoking and dabbing methods in every way. We know, we know — it’s a lot to take in, but just bear with us. Let’s go over the benefits of using concentrate vaporizers below:

No Harmful Toxins

One significant advantage of using concentrate vaporizers is that they virtually eliminate the harmful toxins that are typically associated with traditional smoking methods. Concentrate vaporizers operate by wax concentrates at lower temperatures, which prevents combustion and the creation of dangerous byproducts like carbon monoxide and particulate matter (yuck). 

While combustion effectively releases the active compounds of cannabis, it can also cause damage to your respiratory system. Concentrate vaporizers tend to be much gentler on the lungs, so if you already suffer from respiratory issues, it may be worth making the switch.

High-Tech Features

Concentrate vaporizers have gained a lot of popularity in recent years, and this is, in part, due to their high-tech features and sleek designs. Most concentrate vaporizers feature fast heating mechanisms, precise temperature settings, digital controls, retractable mouthpieces, and more! 

A lot of users feel like these advanced features make vaporizers more enjoyable and convenient to use in comparison to more traditional devices used for smoking and dabbing — and we can’t agree more.

Greater Potency

Another advantage of concentrate vaporizers is that they offer much better potency. With a wax vaporizer, you’ll be able to enjoy the effects of wax concentrates, which contain higher amounts of active compounds. The quick-acting and potent effects are what make concentrate vaporizers a preferred choice for people who want to experience more powerful and immediate results while vaping. We highly recommend it.


Financially, concentrate vaporizers can save you a lot of money in the long run. While there’s an initial investment, vaporizers are incredibly efficient when it comes to consumption. They produce pure vapor only when actively drawn from the mouthpiece or when the forced-air unit is turned on. This, as you may have guessed, helps to minimize wasted materials — which means fewer trips to your local dispensary and more money in your pocket.

Better Flavor

If you’re a connoisseur of flavor, you’ll want to give concentrate vaping a try. Concentrate vaporizers don’t produce any combustion, and this allows for a much more nuanced tasting experience. You’ll be able to enjoy cleaner and more distinct flavor notes, which you probably wouldn’t be able to experience with more traditional inhalation methods (as the taste of smoke tends to get in the way). If it’s flavor you’re after, we’d recommend giving the Ghost vaporizer pen a try. Talk about flavor-central!

Virtually No Odor

Sometimes, the odor is a serious concern for vaping enthusiasts. Some of you might have roommates or nosy neighbors to worry about. Thankfully, the scent produced by vaporizers is considerably reduced in comparison to traditional smoking. This is great for people who want or need to vape discreetly or don’t want to produce the lingering smell of smoke in a public environment. Vapor also dissipates quickly, so most people won’t even notice it.

Super Portable

We’ve talked a little bit about the portability of concentrate vaporizers already, but that’s just because it’s worth calling home about! Vape pens are specifically designed for portability. They’re lightweight, compact, and battery-powered, so you won’t have to worry about them running out of juice or causing a scene at your grandmother’s birthday party.

Vape pens can easily fit in your pocket or purse, which means you’ll be able to carry your concentrate vaporizer around with you — no matter where you’re going. We honestly can’t think of anything more convenient!

Final Thoughts

dr. dabber vaporizers - Dr. Dabber®

Whether you’re a cannabis connoisseur or a newbie who’s interested in getting into concentrate vaping, you can’t go wrong with trying out any one of Dr. Dabber’s concentrate vaporizers. Concentrate vaping is great for people who have especially sensitive lungs, and it’s ultimately a much healthier choice than regular old smoking. Not only that, but you can save a lot of money by purchasing a concentrate vaporizer, especially in the long run.

Head on over to Dr. Dabber’s site and see for yourself what they have to offer! We can guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do Concentrate Vaporizers Work?

Concentrate vaporizers (i.e. dab pens or wax pens) utilize an atomizer or another type of heating element to heat the concentrate and extract the cannabinoids. The atomizer essentially acts as an "oven.” In other words, it vaporizes the concentrate without producing any combustion. Cartridge-based vaporizers contain a chamber filled with cannabis oil, which is super rich in cannabinoids.

The heating element heats the oil to release the vapor. It really is that simple! Concentrate vaporizers usually have very precise temperature control, which means you’ll get a smooth, flavorful experience every time you take a hit. They’re designed to provide a user-friendly method to consume cannabis discreetly, which makes them an especially convenient choice for dabbers on the go.

Are Concentrate Vaporizers Safe to Use?

Using a concentrate vaporizer is generally considered to be a safer alternative to traditional smoking. When used properly (and with high-quality products), concentrate vaporizers can offer a cleaner way to consume cannabis concentrates — and thank God for that. Vaporizers operate at lower temperatures in comparison to smoking methods that involve combustion. This means that concentrate vaping won’t produce any harmful byproducts like carbon monoxide.

By avoiding the combustion of flower that’s associated with typical smoking methods, concentrate vaporizers minimize the inhalation of harmful substances. As we mentioned before, concentrate vaporizers can also provide better temperature control, which means you’ll be able to customize your vape session. You should always, of course, purchase a concentrate vaporizer from a reputable source like Dr. Dabber’s online site. This will help to ensure your safety!

Are Concentrates Stronger Than Dry Herbs?

Yep! To say the least. Concentrates are indeed stronger than dry herbs, and understanding this difference in potency is actually super. Concentrates, which have been isolated and processed, typically contain a much higher concentration of THC in comparison to dry herbs. While dry herbs usually have THC levels ranging from 10% to 25%, concentrates can reach levels of 60% to 80% THC. That’s nothing to sneeze at!

This significant disparity in potency has two implications. First of all, using concentrate vaporizers is more cost-effective since it requires less material to get high. Newer users of concentrates should approach vaping with caution and start with small doses. Remember, you can always increase the dose later if need be. If concentrate vaporizers don't suit your needs, there are plenty of dry herb vaporizers on Dr. Dabber’s site that are sure to float your boat. Check it out when you get a chance!

What Is the Difference Between Smoke and Vapor?

When it comes to concentrate vaporizers, the experience differs from traditional smoking methods, as it provides a more concentrated intake of cannabinoids (as the name suggests). Vaporization occurs at especially low temperatures, and this helps to preserve the beneficial compounds of the concentrate while also avoiding combustion.

This smokeless process makes concentrate vaporizers a much safer alternative to smoking, as we mentioned before. Consequently, a lot of people are opting to switch from bongs and joints to concentrate vaporizers. Why not join the club?

Like dry herb vaporizers, concentrate vaporizers can provide medical cannabis patients with a means to experience the benefits of cannabis without inhaling any harsh smoke or harmful carcinogens. Using a concentrate vaporizer will essentially allow for a gentler and milder inhalation experience. This means no more coughing fits or strain on your lungs when you go out for your daily walk or jog.

Additionally, concentrate vaporizers are super precise in terms of temperature control, and this lets users personally customize their vaping sessions. Honestly, what’s not to love?

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