Everything You Need to Know About the Dr. Dabber Glass Games

by Dr. Dabber on April 16, 2021

A Quick History on Glassblowing

Glassmaking has been around for centuries, dating as far back as 1500 BC, when it was believed that Mesopotamians made the very first glass vessels. According to potguide.com, Phoenicians created glass blowing techniques around 500 BC and Italians later dominated the glass production industry by 1400 AD. What we’re trying to say is–glassblowing has been around for a long time, but it wasn’t until the early 1960’s that this artistry made its way to the states. Right around this time, glass artists found a new reason to combine art with function, merging glass art pieces with cannabis functionality, creating an entirely new market. While glass pipes have been around for awhile, the glassblowing industry has advanced exponentially over the years, creating some of the most intricate and heady designs for attachments, dab rigs, carb caps, pipes, bongs, and more.

Dr. Dabber Glass Games

Glass is preferred by many stoners due to its purity–it’s a super clean material to smoke out of/dab off of. Unlike metal, ceramic, or other materials, when glass is heated, it doesn’t give off toxic fumes or emit weird odors or flavors–it just gets hotter. Bonus–a glass surface will also help to preserve your terps.

Glass blowers are truly talented artists, as glass-blowing is no easy feat. It takes a certain level of creativity and imagination to become a glass artist and it’s not uncommon for hand blown pieces to take hours to design, costing upwards of thousands of dollars for a unique piece.


Earlier this month, we launched the first ever Dr. Dabber Glass Games glass blowing competition. With so much attention surrounding our latest eRig, the Boost EVO portable dab rig, we figured, what better a time than now to hold a glass blowing competition in an effort to find some of the best designs in the industry. So we’ve embarked on a mission to capture the headiest glass attachment for the Boost EVO and we want YOU to help us pick the winner. Are you a glass artist and just now hearing about this? No worries–submissions aren’t due until June 1st so there’s still plenty of time to enter!

The top three winners, picked by the fans, will win a combination of cash and product prizes. The Grand Prize Winner will receive $7500 in cash and $1000 worth of Dr. Dabber product. First Runner Up will receive $5000 in cash and $500 worth of Dr. Dabber product. Second Runner Up will receive $2500 in cash and $250 worth of Dr. Dabber product.


How To Enter

We wanted this competition to be accessible by everyone–it doesn’t matter if you’re a well known artist in the glassblowing community or just starting out with a small following. Literally anyone can enter to win and we’re even offering a discount code with an exclusive Glass Games price for verified glassblowers.

Once your design is ready to go, all you have to do is submit three pictures of the front, side, and back on a black background here. Want to submit more than one design to the competition? Awesome! Just shoot us an email to glassgames@drdabber.com and we can help you out. Remember–we’re not the judges here, the fans are, so go all out!

Let the Games Begin!

With new cannabis legislation passing continuously (congrats to Virginia, New Mexico, and New York most recently!!!), we’re hopeful and confident that the glass blowing industry will continue to expand. Glass blowing is truly an art form and we know how much talent there is in this industry, so trust us when we say we’re stoked to see the submissions! Good luck to everyone and let the Dr. Dabber Glass Games begin!