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How to Use a Wax Pen

How to Use a Wax Pen

A wax pen is one of the most popular vaping tools on the market. The batteries inside are much like traditional vape pen batteries but hold additional power. Wax pens permit users to pick the proper temperature for their experience while providing portability for concentrates. If you’re new on the scene, you might wonder how to use a wax pen.

If you’re interested in understanding how to work a pen, you’ve come to the right place. Read on to learn how to use a vape wax pen, the benefits of the device, the best options on the market, and more. We will provide you with all the information you need to make an informed decision about your next device.

How to Properly Use a Wax Pen

If you invest in a wax pen, it’s critical to understand how to use it. A wax pen is like a vape pen, but it’s a little more complicated. Those taking the first step up from the classic vape pen may need assistance as they prepare for their first pull. Let’s go over how to set up a wax vape pen.

Here are the necessary steps to properly use a wax pen:

  • Charge the battery: Ensure the battery is fully charged before proceeding with any additional steps. Check the indicator light is solid and that the battery has an excellent connection with the charger.
  • Connect the heating chamber: Once the battery is charged, add the heating chamber with the coil to the battery. Ensure they are firmly connected.
  • Load the concentrate: Next, get a tiny piece of concentrate. The ideal size shouldn’t be bigger than a grain of rice. Place this piece on or near the coil portion.
  • Replace parts: Shut the heating chamber and replace the mouthpiece for inhalation. Everything is one component at this point in the process. 
  • Turn it on: Now, it’s time to turn on the wax pen. Some require five presses in rapid succession, while others need users to hold the button down.
  • Pull: Take a pull from the wax pen. Start small, then slowly work your way up as you get used to the concentrate.

You can enjoy the experience at this point.

It may take practice to master the art of properly using a wax pen, but with enough time, you can complete the process in minutes. Wax pens are excellent if you want a high concentration but need something more portable. Still, some may struggle to see the point of a wax pen when vapes are cheaper and simpler to operate.

What Is the Point of a Wax Pen?

There are dab and vape pens already on the market. Each serves a purpose - why add a wax pen into the mix? What is the point of a wax pen in a market already filled with so many tools?

The point of a wax pen is to make smoking THC concentrate an experience that can occur anywhere. Rather than being confined with a non-portable rig, a wax pen allows you to take small pieces of concentrate and use them with a device that can fit in your pocket. It exists to simplify the concentrate world.

If you are past the beginner stages of vaping and want to try something a little stronger and more complicated, use the wax pen. It’s a step up for the experienced vaper and provides many benefits with every experience. Let’s talk about a few of them.

Benefits of a Wax Pen

If you are attempting to determine between a wax pen and the other options on the market, it helps to understand the benefits of this style of vaping. Let’s dive into a few of the most prominent.

Here are the benefits of a wax pen:

  • Scentless: Most wax pens provide a scentless experience for the benefit of the user and those around them.
  • Versatile: Multiple concentrates will work inside a wax pen.
  • Compact: These items are small and company, easy to bring anywhere you go.
  • Potency: Wax pens permit high potency levels with every use.
  • Temperature: Many wax pens allow users to mess with the temperature to ensure they can fine-tune it to their liking.
  • Parts: It’s possible to recharge parts and replace them if something goes wrong.

These benefits make an investment worth it.

Wax pens tend to be pricier than traditional vapes. You also need to put in more upkeep due to the components within the system. Despite these factors, there are many benefits to wax pens that make them worth all the disadvantages in the world. They’re worth considering for your next device.

What’s the Difference between a Dab and a Wax Pen?

Dab and wax pens are two popular types of devices on the market. If you are new to the industry, it can be confusing to tell the two apart. What is the difference between a dab and a wax pen? Is there a difference between how to smoke a dab pen and a wax pen?

Although there may be some small changes here and there based on the brand, a dab and wax pen are the same thing. They allow the user to place a determined amount of concentrate into the device, rather than working with the pre-filled cartridges of the vape pen. Dab and wax pens permit a more personal experience with every smoking session.

There is no reason to be stuck between a wax and dab pen. They are the same thing and will permit you to use concentrate in your pen. Don’t waste your money on items because they differentiate themselves - they are the same. Now that you can tell the difference, you need to know how to load a wax pen.

How to Load a Wax Vape Pen

Purchasing and charging a wax pen for the first time is the easiest part of new ownership. For those who have never vaped or only use a vape pen, it can be tricky to determine how to load a wax vape pen. We have the answer for you.

Here are the necessary steps to load a wax pen:

  • Get the concentrate: Select your concentrate and break off an appropriate amount for your needs.
  • Load: Place the concentrate inside the atomizer after removing the mouthpiece and cover.
  • Replace: Put the parts back over the chamber and replace the mouthpiece to make it possible to inhale.

You can inhale after this occurs.

It may take practice to determine how much of the concentrate you need and how much you should inhale. You may also need to mess around with the heat settings to determine what is right for you. After a few times loading the wax pen, you will be an expert. We have a few tips for the ideal wax pen experience.

Tips for the Best Wax Pen Experience

Many people have used wax pens over the years. With extended use comes experience, and with experience comes tips. We have advice to make your time with a wax pen worth the investment. These will reduce your chance of messing up as a beginner and make things easier.

Here are our tips for using a wax pen:

  • Keep extra wax coils for replacement
  • Try dab containers to store wax
  • Ensure you keep the vapor pathway clean
  • Don’t pack more than you want to inhale
  • Keep wax concentrates in the fridge
  • Ensure the pen stays upright 
  • Avoid overpacking the coil

These will improve your time.

The most valuable strategy is not to use more than you need with a wax pen. Overdoing it could break the device or make it impossible to clean. You may pack too much at first, but after a few tries, you will master the ideal amount for your needs.

How Much Wax Goes in the Chamber?

If it’s your first time loading a wax pen yourself, it can be stressful to determine how much wax goes inside the chamber. Loading the concentrate yourself differs from placing a cartridge in the system. 

The best method is to start with a small piece at a time and work your way up as you use the wax pen more and more. Begin with wax the size of a tiny pellet, no more than a BB. Don’t go big. Always start small to avoid trouble with the system or your ability to handle the concentrate.

It will take trial and error to determine the ideal amount. Always err on the side of caution. It’s better to go with too little rather than packing the chamber and taking in too much with your wax pen for the first time.

What Concentrate Can You Use to Vape?

If you want to use a wax pen, you need a concentrate to experience the effects. With so many choices on the market, it can be tricky to determine the proper concentrate for your needs. Which ones can you use to vape with your wax pen?

Here are a few of the common choices for a wax pen:

  • Shatter
  • Rosin
  • Budder
  • Crumble 
  • Wax

These will work well and dissolve for ideal results.

These concentrates work well because the pen is designed to deal with the consistency. It may not be able to handle anything more liquid or solid due to the design.

Again, it may take trial and error to determine your choice for a concentrate inside a wax pen. They all offer different benefits and price points to those interested.

How to Clean a Wax Pen

One part of using a wax pen is setting it up and loading it for enjoyment. The less fun part is cleaning the device after use. Unfortunately, wax pens require more maintenance than vape pens. You must clean them to avoid damage and keep the system clean for future use.

Here is how you can clean a wax pen:

  • Place isopropyl alcohol on a cotton swab and clean the threads
  • Wipe the mouthpiece and body to remove excess wax

It will be ready to be put away at this point.

The better you take care of your wax pen, the better it will take care of you. Unfortunately, wax is one of the trickiest concentrates to clean. If you wipe down your pen at least once a week, it will prevent nasty buildup and keep your system in working order. Ensure you clean your wax pen when possible.

Best Wax Pen Options

If you want a wax pen, it’s critical to get the best one for your money. Unfortunately, it’s possible to spend too much money on a pen that won’t provide anything for you. We have a few recommendations if you are looking for a top-tier wax pen option for all your inhalation needs.

Here are our top picks for wax pens on the market:

  • Dr. Dabber Stella
  • Dr. Dabber Ghost
  • Dr. Dabber Light

These provide an excellent experience, no matter your budget.

Let’s talk more about each of our recommendations for wax pens. No matter your budget or taste, there is something here that will work for your life. The more you know, the better a choice you can make for your next wax pen. These three have many fans and tons of technology for a one-of-a-kind experience.

Dr. Dabber Stella

The Dr. Dabber Stella kit is an ideal choice for anyone who wants a high-end vaporizer. It’s made from elegant black stainless steel, providing a timeless and durable appearance. The battery allows forty heating cycles on one charge, and you can continue to use the device while it charges.

Here are a few additional features you will find:

  • Fully ceramic atomizers
  • Reduced heat transfer to the hand with a floating chamber
  • Consistent temperatures for the best flavor with each inhale
  • Temperature changing abilities
  • Three heat settings
  • Preheat/sesh mode

Dr. Dabber Stella is full of excellent features.

You can find the Stella Vaporizer Kit for $99. It’s a high-end product that makes it easy to enjoy the best concentrates, no matter where you might be. If that doesn’t interest you, there is the Dr. Dabber Ghost.

Dr. Dabber Ghost

The Dr. Dabber Ghost is the next wax pen option on our list. This pen is slightly cheaper than the Stella, making it a better choice for those who don’t want to spend too much on their device. It’s a sleek standard that set the standard for convenient dabbing with low heat today.

Here are some of the features you will find with the Dr. Dabber Ghost:

  • Titanium Technology for ideal heating temperatures
  • Ceramic-lined atomizer with medical-grade titanium coils
  • Fifty heating cycles on one charge
  • Ability to recharge in one hour
  • Battery compatible with most 510 threaded concentrate charges

There are many features packed into one portable wax pen.

You can find the Dr. Dabber Ghost Vaporizer Kit for about $69. If you are interested in a wax pen but don’t want to spend triple digits, the Ghost is an excellent alternative. You still get quality heating measures and long-lasting charges for thirty dollars less than the Dr. Dabber Stella. If this pen still doesn’t sound right, there is the Dr. Dabber Light.

Dr. Dabber Light

The Dr. Dabber Light is the most affordable wax pen on this list. Even though it’s small, the Light can melt concentrates like the bigger options. It’s slim and sleek for those who want as much stealth as possible with their pen. The vape has tons of technology, packed and pressed into a tiny package anyone can love.

Here are a few features you will find with the Dr. Dabber Light:

  • An atomizer built right into the mouthpiece
  • Sleek and slim design for easy access
  • Quality heating cycles on one charge
  • Fast recharging
  • Titanium Technology for excellent heating

It’s a quality compact vape that will fit all your needs.

You can find the Dr. Dabber Light Pen Kit for $25. It’s an affordable choice almost anyone can fit into their budget. If you are just getting started with a wax pen, the Dr. Dabber Light might be your best choice. It’s an excellent way to dip your toe in the water and see if this type of pen is right for you.

Final Thoughts

Wax pens are one of the most popular vaping devices on the market. This portable tool allows you to inhale concentrates in a discreet and personalized manner. Although it might take a little practice, it isn’t too tricky to learn how to work a pen. In a few simple steps, you can have an unbeatable experience wherever you are.

Here at Dr. Dabber, we seek to provide you with the best pen possible for your vaping experience. We have many excellent choices, from the Dr. Dabber Stella to the Dr. Dabber Ghost. Whether you need accessories or the tool itself, we have something to fit your budget and needs. 

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